Win a Complete Fly-Fishing Starter Package in Our Latest Sweepstakes!

Last month, we gave away a new Recon fly rod to one lucky winner, and we’ve previously offered Helios 2 and Superfine Glass rods in these sweepstakes. We were throwing around ideas for something different, when we hit upon this: How about offering a package of gear that includes virtually everything you need to go fly fishing?

So for this new sweepstakes, here’s what one randomly selected winner will receive:

Plus, we’re going to stuff the Sling Pack with all manner of cool gear:

  • Mini Nipper
  • SS Knotless Leaders 2 pack (1 each, sizes 3,4, and 5)
  • Floatant Combo Pack
  • Mesh Leader Wallet
  • Perfect Drift Strike Indicators
  • Wire Cord Zinger
  • M2 Lock and Load Fly Box
  • SS Tippet Material 40M Spool (sizes 4,5,6)
  • 20 Best Selling Trout Patterns
  • Tungsten Putty
  • Micro Scissor Forceps

The winner of all this stuff will simply need to buy a license, and then he or she will be ready to roll!

All you have to do to enter the contest is use the widget below to tell us where you’d use your new gear the first time. (Do not post your answer the comments section!) You can double your chances of winning by subscribing to the Orvis Mailing list, too, using the same widget below.

The contest runs through Wednesday, March 4th, and one winner will be chosen at random.

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The sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the USA who are 18 or older. (We apologize to our readers in Canada and overseas; please trust us when we say that there are complex legal issues involved.)

128 thoughts on “Win a Complete Fly-Fishing Starter Package in Our Latest Sweepstakes!”

  1. I would use my outfit at one of the high country lakes above my little town of Nederland, Colorado, catching either cutthroat or brook trout.

  2. I find it difficult to understand that with 10 or 11 authorized ORVIS dealers in Canada, that there are any problems at all, with NOT excluding this entire market. Could you not ship to one of your dealers here, and if winner is from Canada… ship from Canada. Fender Guitars does it… ask them.

    1. Think it may be gaming laws that makes Canada off limits for Orvis right now. Seems silly but I know the gaming rules are complicated and give aways are considered gaming.

  3. I would love to win this give away and I am grateful for #orvis for allowing this opportunity. I would this package would give me an opportunity to teach my son how to fly fish and learn the proper way of conservation. Thanks Orvis !

  4. It’s beyond disappointing that this competition is open to the U.S. Only. How naive to think that your audience and loyal following is limited to the U.S. If you’re going to run a completion that is limited to just one country, perhaps don’t use something like Facebook to run it – frankly it’s frustrating , if not insulting, to the rest of us. You’re better than this Orvis.

  5. I screwed up when I put my e-mail address in the entry and now it won’t let me go back and fix it dang it. I guess it means I wasn’t meant to win this anyways…on to the next one.

  6. I would use it for bass fishing close to home. I love trout fishing and already have a 4 and 5 wt for that. My problem is that trout fishing is far from my home and I am looking to do more local fishing. Work and family make it difficult to get away as often as I’d like.

  7. I have two daughters that have been begging me to go learn how to fly fish. Due to the nature of my work I basically live at the airport and only recently had time to get out. I would use this pole to aid me teaching my daughters a valuable skill and to spend some much needed time together.

  8. Upper Meramec river in Missouri for big rainbows, browns, and smallies! My old gear is worn out and in need of replacement!

  9. I’m not goint to enter because I’ve got more than enough fly fishing gear and certainly don’t need a “starter package”. But I hope whoever does win is someone who is just getting into fly fishing or has a friend or young person that is.

      1. Amen! I entered for my 9 year old daughter! I got her that little practice pole thing-a-ms-bob at the local fly shop. She loves it so much that she hangs on to me in the river (Eel River and slow and low for those about to go ” thou did NOT”) She is ready for her own set up! I greatly appriciate Ovis for all they do. Good luck to all!

  10. This outfit will go directly to the young ambassador program (Youth on the Fly & Trout in the classroom) sponsored by the Henry’s Fork Foundation. The foundation works with 5th graders in Ashton Idaho to teach them about the valuable recources in their own backyard. From raising wild trout in the classroom to field trips in the Henry’s fork and its tributaries. Could not think of a better place to put the fear to work ! Kudos to Orvis for this great offer

  11. I would give this to my wife, enroll her in the Fly Fishing 101 class down here at the Houston Orvis shop, and then we would either head to the Pecos River in New Mexico, or the Little Blue in Oklahoma!

  12. I live within a stone’s throw of the awesome Yakima river in eastern wa, and I cannot afford to get my fly kit dialed in. I need to tap into this amazing river!

  13. I just recently got into fly fishing and have yet to get a rod. I have practiced some with a 5 wt 8.5 ft Orvis Frequent Flyer rod. I’m hooked! ( sorry, had too lol) My GG Grandfather fished the Big Thompson and I will be following in his footsteps. I already understand why people fly fish! Who knows, maybe I’ll win this one!

    1. Hi KT, In order for you to get the +10, you’d need 10 friends to enter the contest. Here’s how Rafflecopter explains it: “For each friend that enters the giveaway through that unique URL, the referring individual will receive +1 entry into the giveaway. Each entrant can refer up to 10 people for each giveaway.” Sorry for any confusion.

  14. I would use the whole set up in Corpus Christi texas off my kayak in the surf going for Spanish mackeral and king mackeral I did it last year and broke my rod on king that drug me about a half a mile so I would love to have a new better rod that I know can with stand the pressure and give me better cast ability. After I do that I would go to the flats and chase some reds and maybe hope to intise a flounder to hit a fly.

  15. I have been fly fishing for many years now and I am grateful for the person who taught me. I get a huge rush when teaching someone the art. I would use this equipment to help continue in the teaching of this amazing sport. If I won this equipment I would take my friends and the people I guide for to the state park and conservation areas around where I live and continue teaching.

  16. I often teach friends and young people how to fly cast and fly fish, and the Orivis rod and associated package of equipment would be of great assistance to my efforts.

  17. I would use this gear right in the Orvis main branch backyard. The mettawee river. A small river with solitude.

  18. I would use this in Priest Gulch, Colorado (hour from Durango) for one last fishing trip with my dad and grandpa. My grandpa had been making the trip from Texas to Colorado every summer since before I was born. This summer will be his last trip.

  19. would love to get this fly fishing outfit for my husband. Currently wants to learn how to fly fish would be a great starter package for him. I think I got him hooked on fly fishing the last time we went fishing on the San Juan River in northern New Mexico. Life is an adventure!

  20. I would use this rod in the Trinity River.See how it would do on some big steelhead.I could deffiinetly use it my gear is junk cabales stuff.Thanks Orvis

  21. id use it to fish in the great smoky mtns,have recently started fly fishing and it has become my favorite way to fish

  22. Beavers Bend and the Lower Mountain Fork River in Broken Bow would be the destination. Spending more time with Family

  23. More women need to get into fly fishing, if I won this package I would definitely try to influence more women to fly fish. It so therapeutic! Now if they weren’t interested, I would take my veteran brothers out.

    Have a great day!

  24. If I won this beautiful gift. I would plan a fishing trip with my 5year old to are favorite trout stream coon creek in southern wisconsin. Thank you again.

  25. I would use this outfit on the little red river in arkansas! I would love to use and show off an orvis rod instead of the cheap rod I have now!

  26. i would take my Dad and older brother to the White River in Arkansas. And I would teach my older brother on the rod I have now, how to fly cast, and use that new Rod for this once in lifetime trip with my Dad and brother!

  27. I’d love this gear! My first spot would be the South Holston. I grew up on that river and still live near it just further downstream.

  28. Anywhere my brother wants to go! He is a big fly fisher and always wants me to go with him. I gave him my fly rod when his broke.

  29. I would head straight to delayed harvest waters of North Carolina. First the West Fork of the Piegion followed by the Shelton Laurel
    WNC Fly Fishing

  30. There are tens of thousands of Canadian consumers of your quality products that would love to be able to participate in these contests and offers. Why not setup the same contests through your your Canadian distributor network as well. We support your brand up here too!

  31. Complex legal issues or not, I will be using your gear on the Grensmaas in the south of the Netherlands ;-)! Love your stuff!

  32. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and win! I’d love this Orvis Fly Fishing Outfit and would fish the Kickapoo River and its tributaries in Wisconsin.

  33. i would take a trip to the Leadville, CO., hike and camp a ways off the beaten path to dry fly smaller pockets and bends of the White River with my dad.

  34. I love fishing. It takes me away from all the chaos and unnecessary worries. I hope i win this contest!

  35. i have never fly fished before, but I have watched the “Orvis guide to fly fishing” for several years and would love to have the chance to win a fly rod! I would take it out back to one of our fishing ponds and give it a whirl

  36. Fly fishing is a deep passion found in the still waters of calm pools and the excitement of a tight lines which match the fast waters motion. Follow the hatch my friend….

  37. I’d use a fly fishing package on the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers for bass and Walleye.

  38. as a point of clarification on my entry, my legal residence is at my address in Florida, however the Army has me on a tour in Germany, thus to meet contest eligibility I am a legal US resident and would first use the gear to pursue some German Brown trout in Germany.

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