Win a Pair of Silver Sonic Waders Just for Leaving a Comment, Part II!

This could be you, if you leave a comment over the next two weeks.
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So far, the new  Silver Sonic Convertible Top Waders have been a big hit. (Don’t take my word for it: Click here to read customer reviews.) We are so proud of them that we want to make sure that everyone checks them out.

You want features? ‘Cause we got features:

  • Features the patented Orvis SonicSeam® technology
  • Constructed with a durable 4-layer nylon outer fabric
  • Innovative suspension system easily converts the waders to waist-highs without removing suspenders
  • Anatomically correct neoprene booties for additional comfort
  • Flip-out interior waterproof pocket with touchscreen capabilities for smartphones
  • Attached self-fabric gravel guards with quick-drain mesh panel

We are giving away a pair of Silver Sonics to one random commenter here on Orvis News. From now until June 16th, just leave a comment on a post on either the Fly Fishing or Conservation pages, and we’ll choose one random winner on Monday the 17th.

Click here to discover Silver Sonic Waders for Men and Women.

Good luck!

423 thoughts on “Win a Pair of Silver Sonic Waders Just for Leaving a Comment, Part II!”

  1. Hands down, Orvis has the best products for fishing, salt and fresh, of any suppliers. I need a new pair of waders and hope I win. But, come to think of it, there may be someone out there needing them worse than me.

  2. Shame my Orvis waders are still relatively new, I’d love to trade them in for the Silver Sonic

  3. As a full time guide on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY, The only waders that can survive the abuse of 200+ days on the water have been my Orvis Pro Guides!
    Believe me, Orvis waders are tough!!
    Eric Geary
    SWAT Fishing

  4. I have always been a huge fan of Orvis and all their fly fishing equipment! These waders would certainly be a welcome addition to my fly fishing gear!

  5. Actually these are in the top 2 on my list for new waders. As I have never owned a pari of waders that actually fit me, it would be nice.

  6. I wish I had waders… I have to watch everyone wade fish, because I only have hip boots…

  7. Just need that runoff to clear and I would be hopping into those every day of summer! No school!

  8. Looks like another tremendous product from an outstanding company! Good luck to all!

  9. As my previous silver label waders have gone to the eternal hunting fields it might be interesting to see if the silver sonics would last longer – I am hard on waders.

  10. I want to wear Silver Sonic Waders to outfish my friends who wear waders from otehr manufacturers… Now it is Orvis’ turn to make that happen… 🙂

  11. I would love to have a pair of Silver Sonic waders for my upcoming fishing trip in Colorado.

  12. I’m tired of wearing my boy’s size waders! They don’t fit! I love that these come in women’s sizes including petite for this female angler!

  13. My wife and I are just getting into fly fishing. Four our honeymoon in Colorado a few weeks ago (our second time fly fishing ever) our guide set us up in Orvis waders. Loved them.

  14. I could sure use a pair of waders for my upcoming trip to Slovenia. Going to visit family and if I can get enough equipment together I would be fishing most of the time 🙂

  15. These look awesome. I began flyfishing a few months ago and have been in search of a good pair of womens waders. Crossing my fingers!

  16. Current waders have a hole in the left foot on the very bottom. No matter what depth I’m in…it gets real swampy down there. These would quickly remedy the problem!

  17. I am sick of my leaky simms waders, I wade fish close to 250 days out of the year and I need waders that are as die hard as I am.

  18. This weekend he work neoprene hunting waders. I wore hand-me-down Orvis waders from a world class Telluride shop. We both had wet legs. #silversonic. Please and Thank you. PS: he landed a 21″ 4.25 rainbow. He was so excited he got me up at 5:00 am the next day to do it again. Just to think…he is just a duck hunter.

      1. Fishing in the glens of antrim with its tough terain and its wide variety of fish,I would be privaleged to wear the sliversonic wadders in my persuit for them.

  19. Put a tear in my waders climbing over a fallen tree. Man, could I use a new pair of size 10 “SILVER SONIC CONVERTIBLE TOP WADERS”.

  20. i’ve been away TOO… long. would love a pair of fabulous waders to get back into the water again.
    thanks. come here trout !!

  21. Thanks guys for the chance of winning some waders! Could always use a back up but in this case primary! 🙂

  22. These would have looked great in my picture holing my 21 inch rainbow I caught on Mother’s Day.

  23. Would be Awesome to find some river gold, in the Silver Sonics!! Could look really Hexy in them!! in a remote river in Northern Michigan

  24. Ya know I just found a tear in my current waders… These waders are so much better than what I have now.

  25. With waders this good, I can spend more effort on making sure I’m holding my mouth right so the fish will bite!

  26. After spending 175 days on the water last year, I wold love a new pair of waders. Love the convertible ones!

  27. After spending 175 days on the water last year, would love a new pair of waders. Love the convertible ones!

  28. So sad. Tom, willing to give his time and knowledge for the cause in a completely entertaining way, grovels for 100 posts and struggles. Give away waders and everyone learns how to keyboard. Love you, Tom.

  29. “Great! Another piece of fly fishing gear! I thought we agreed we were going to save our money!
    “But, Honey, I won them in an online contest. See?”
    (long pause)
    “Have you finished fixing the front deck yet?!”

  30. Would love a pair of these to go with my quiver of orvis rods! (5wt & 8wt Clearwaters and 10wt Access)

  31. I have a pair of Silver Labels that I love. With all the new features AND leak proof seams…WOW!

  32. Heading up to Quebec for a salmon trip later this summer. Would be great to lug a pair of Silver Sonics along!

  33. If I had these, I wouldn’t have to wear my current waders with the awkwardly placed repair patch…

  34. As a novice fly fisherman I try to buy the best I can afford of the tools of our passion. Thus far I have not been able to afford such a fine class of waders. I would love to have a pair of Silver Sonic Waders to add to my equipment! Add my name to the “want list.”

  35. I wonder if these waders could possibly last as long as my 11-year-old Simms . (Am I allowed to say SIMMS on the ORVIS site?) If I win the Silver Surfer waders, I’ll let you know how long they last.

  36. Winning a pair of these waders would be just perfect since my old pair are ready for the trash heap!

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  37. Just started noticing some leakage on my old off-brand waders – get what you pay for I guess. Some new Silver Sonics would be killer.

  38. Winning a pair of these waders would be great! If I don’t win them I am definetly going to purchase some soon.

  39. Been an Orvis wader fan for years now. Silverlabels and Pro Guides. Grat features, great functionality. Looking forward to trying the Sonics.

  40. Bet these would look good with my Helios 1074 on the trout & salmon streams here in Alaska.

  41. Trying to get my girlfriend into fly fishing, the women’s version of these would be a great start to get her comfortable on the river 🙂

  42. Interested to see how this SonicSeam holds up. I’ve been through 2 sets of waders in the last couple years fishing 8-10 times a month. The seams have always been the culprit requiring seamseal within just a few uses. Hopefully Orvis has cured this without having to spend a complete fortune for ‘Guide’ Waders..

  43. My first trip to Durango, CO is coming up in August and I booked a guided fishing trip first thing. Would love to bring a pair of these with me!

  44. Oh man would I love to replace my leaky waders with a set of these.. They look like a great product. Cheers

  45. Been eyeing the Silver Sonic waders ever since I took a spill in my old hip-high waders. Could really use an upgrade!

  46. Need! No really, these would look fantastic on the South Holston while catching big ol browns!

  47. It would be great to get into fly fishing and a free pair of waders would be a great start. Thank you for the contest

  48. Ive been flyfishing for a year now. I want from knowing zero to being able to being able to hold my own on the water thanks to Rosenbauers postcast and help from my local FF forum. These waders would complete the transition from newbie to novice!

  49. Mentally kind of kicking myself for buying new waders from Orvis about three weeks before the new Silver Sonics came out!

  50. I have a 12 year old pair of clearwater waders that have seen better days. My replacement most likely will be the Silver Sonic. I particularly like the convertible feature and built-in gravel guards.

  51. I would LOVE my first waders to be Orvis Silver sonic. I love the fact that Orvis was the first company to offer waders for women! Love it and Love Orvis!

  52. I have had Orvis Waders for the last 25 years. Finally, my last pair of pro guide are leaking in the foot. Although, I cannot complain because I have used them vary hard over the last 10 years or so. I think the Silver Sonics would probably last me the rest of my life. What a sweet thought that I could leave them for my son and there would be plenty of life left in them. Thank you Orvis for all of the great memories using all of your products.

  53. They sound great,I should have checked them out when I attended the two day school back in april.

  54. I really could use these to replace my old (but still functional) flyweight stocking foot hippers!

  55. Just finished listening to Tom’s latest podcast. I feel smarter already. Now if I can just get me some of them waders, I’d be looking smarter too.

  56. New to flyfishing and love it. It would be great to get some awesome waders to plunge into the waters of north Arkansas.

  57. Worth every penny just for the waterproof pocket! I’ve gotten away from carrying my phone due to dunking a few…

  58. You had me at: flip out waterproof phone pocket with touchscreen! Nice to check the doplar radar during a rainstorm on the river. Pretty sweet!

  59. Not as clever as a lot of the folks above, but the knees on my current waders are wearing out (small NC streams) so I’m in. Silver Sonics would high-grade my entire kit, too!

  60. This would be amazing. I pulled out my lightweight nylon waders from the shed in March only to discover some rodents decided to chew them into Swiss cheese over the long winter! Heartbreaking!

  61. I’m glad to see you guys are doing another giveaway of a pair of those sweet waders. I’m liking the new site too. Keep up the great work!

  62. “Big Money, No Whammies!!!” Hoping to win me a pair of those fine lookin’ waders! Thanks to Orvis for all you do for this wonderful sport!

  63. All I can say is I want them. I have been wanting to get a pair. What an awesome first pair of waders they would make. That would totally be worth winning.

  64. Great contest! Heard a lot of great things about the waders. I would lover to win a pair as I am looking for a new pair of breathable waders.

  65. My Orvis Pro-Guides have seen six seasons of hard use and have at least 3 lbs. of Aqua Seal on them ! Time for a new pair .

  66. Headed down to the local Orvis store in the next couple days for more leaders then off to chase more Carp in preparation for the Carp cup will definantly be checking these out

  67. Would love to try these out! Husband and I have dropped quite a bit of wait so our old waders look more like tater sacks! In need of some new ones bad! and these would be amazing!

  68. I could use those – If I won them, maybe it would somehow negate all of the other recent fly fishing related purchases that my wife is questioning……

  69. My 10 year old pro guide waders are still in good shape but I would love some new silver sonics.

  70. If chosen, I promise to use these new waders on a just-booked fly fishing trip with an Orvis guide in August–Oregon.

  71. As usual Orvis has thought of everything the fisherperson needs! Convertable top, waterproof pockets, zipper front, gravel guards, and lots of leg room for a comfortable day on the water. What else could one want! Nice job Orvis,

  72. The harder I work the luckier I get! Now I just need the silver sonic waders so I can take a break from work. Being from FL I am not a fan of cold water. The last time I was in TN or VT the screams could be heard for miles when I waded into the local streams. I have never seen a bear climb a tree that fast before!

  73. I still use my 22 yr old HLS 5wt. Orvis fly rod. Caught many a native Maine brook trout & salmon on my trusty Orvis rod.

  74. Love this line of waders. Great quality and amazing durability. Probably buying another pair soon.


  75. I tried these on at the Cherry Creek Orvis Store and they are sweet! Love not having to wear a full wader.

  76. Had on a pair of “cheap” waders, started leaking, Thankfully there was an Orvis certified fly shop nearby, Talked to the nice person & sold me the Silver Sonic Waders. I now love these! Last week travelled thru some thick briars & they still do not leak and are comfportable

  77. Just started fly fishing. Bought a Clearwater setup and now looking for waders, would be awesome to get these ones so I could spend the money on an orvis fly fishing school!

  78. The last time I won anything was in 1944. It was $25 worth of groceries and filled 5 bags! So what are my odds?

  79. I just bought and used my very first Orvis waders and I absolutely love everything about them! Now to have a chance to win a Orvis Silver Sonic is amazing!! Thanks for always keeping us hooked Orvis!!! God bless

  80. My current “waders” consist of swimming shorts and a pair of 20 dollar cheap sneakers…. I need these.

  81. My first generation Silver Sonics are still doing well, aside from the pocket unraveling and the inside lining in the seat getting chafed by the hook part of the Velcro closures on my pants. Sometimes I wonder about compression leaks in the booties, but that might be only condensation.

  82. Good thing this contest doesn’t require a passing score on one of Phil Monohan’s trivia tests.

  83. I have the Orvis Guide waders. They are bomber rugged. When they get inevitable leaks they fix or replace them!

  84. These would be a perfect gift from the boys to their father! That man lives in the water. What a great company!

  85. I would love to win these!! My boyfriend is a college fisherman and is always wanting new gear!! Plus we can take them on our upcoming beach trip!

  86. I’m a college student who loves fly-fishing. I am a Mech Engineering major, aspiring to make rods one day. I can’t quite afford the Orvis waders though, so, who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.

  87. Winning these waders would allow me to spend more on flies… Perhaps awin-win for everyone?

  88. Winning these waders would allow me to spend more on flies… Perhaps a win-win for everyone?

  89. Wife’s waders leak. Leaky waders means less fishing for me. Less fishing sucks. Ergo leaky waders suck. I (we) need to hook up my wife with Silver Sonic waders.

  90. I really don’t need a pair but I will gladly pass them along to PHWFF, in Colorado Springs, if luck does come smiling!

    Well done Orvis!

  91. I just bought an older pair of Orvis Wading boots at a garage sale. I might have to pick up some of these waders to go with them.

  92. I am obsessed with this sport!! Recently bought 2 fly rods, attended the Orvis classes, the spey day & one fly fishing event on the Deerfield River in MA, and all I could think was “If ONLY I had better wading shoes and a great pair of waders!” the entire time. Winning something like this would be the biggest joy ever for me! I would cry from happiness!! I cannot afford them right now.

  93. I have been saving money for new waders that I would gladly spend on a new Orvis fly rod if I win the Silver Sonics!

  94. my simms waders started to deteriorate after having them just over a year , having a new pair of these silver sonics would totally help replace those things to a more reliable product!

  95. As a new fly fisherman, I would definitely enjoy some nice new waders. I have also really appreciated the educational materials that Orvis has published to help individuals like me learn this fantastic sport. Thanks Orvis!

  96. My current Orvis waders disintegrated after 9 years, never leaked…… finally just rotted off.

  97. The trout will be jumping into my net once I give them the Silver Sonic treatment! Fingers crossed!

  98. Everything I own is Orvis EXCEPT for my waders! I need to complete my outfit and my other waders are CRAP! Thank you!

  99. These would be a lovely First pair of waders. Just getting started fly fishing and I can only do so much at a time. Life and money get in the way.

  100. PICK MEEE PLEEASSEEEE! I’ll send you pics of great fish caught wearing them at The Nature Conservancy’s Silver Creek!

  101. I would love a pair of these, Just got into fly fishing last month and yet to get a pair of waders so this would be a dream come True!!

  102. I literally just took up fly-fishing last week. Enjoyed learning from Jeff at your Orvis based school out of Edwards, CO. I would love to own a pair of these sweet waders! I live in Oregon, and well, the water is never warm here. And it is ALWAYS raining. Help out a newbie further her love for the sport!

  103. I just sprung a leak last weekend in my waders. I was in the market for some new waders. Would love to rock these bad boys on the South Platte.

  104. These new waders are on the top of my wish list. Looked them over at local Orvis shop and have watched the product video. Awesome stuff.

  105. Orvis products and customer service ROCK. I have heard great things about these waders and I need a new pair. Thanks for the opportunity.

  106. I dont need these wadders cause I bought the exact model at full price at the Orvis store in San Jose CA

    But hey ……

  107. Just purchased 2 new Orvis Clearwater rod combos as my first fly fishing experience. 4wt and a 5wt. Stoked to get the fishing started! Thanks for the great customer service guys!

  108. When I look at the Silver Sonics, my own waders seem so…retro. Something good and solid that is easy to clean for invasive species. Something that “breathes.” Yep! I think I have room for them in my traveling gear. With all the Rosenbauer podcast info I need to get out on the water…

  109. My waders sprung a leak on my last trip, (very cold water in late April , here in NZ) Would love a pair these cool waders for the winter season here in New Zealand’s south Island, chasing trophy trout.

  110. If your giving away 36″ leg please pick me. Love your prods. Just at the Manchester store this past weekend. Had to keep wiping the drool off my face.

  111. Driving by the Ausable every month and having Lake St Clair in the backyard i think i could put them through their paces, that and wet wading is not as fun in the fall.

  112. I’m a worm chucker with friends trying to convince me I need to try some real fishing. If I won some Silver Sonic Waders, I’d have to use them!

  113. These waders look sweet. Everything I have read and seen on these indicates that they would be a great replacement for my old pair of Simms!

  114. They look great and would come in handy since my tailwater XTs just developed a slight leak. I hope I win the drawing.

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