Win a Pair of the NEW Silver Sonic Zip Waders!

This year’s new  Silver Sonic Convertible Top Waders have been a big hit all season long. (Don’t take my word for it: Click here to read customer reviews.) But some folks have wondered when the zippered version will be available.

We’re happy to announce that the Silver Sonic Zip Waders will be available online next week! Featuring the best waterproof zipper technology available, these wader are easy to put on and take off, and they come in handy when you need to see a man about a horse.

To celebrate, we are giving away a pair of Silver Sonic Zip waders to one random commenter here on Orvis News. From now until September 1st, just leave a comment on any post—on either the Fly Fishing or Conservation pages—and we’ll choose one random winner on Monday the 2nd.

Good luck!

383 thoughts on “Win a Pair of the NEW Silver Sonic Zip Waders!”

    1. After years of disappointment with breathable waders, including alleged guide models, I was so well treated by the SonicSeam packables (except by the flimsy inner pouch) that I snapped up another pair over the weekend’s half-price sale as a backup. With the welded technology even more matured, these zip waders look very promising.

  1. Looks like a great pair of waders. Be happy to win a pair, and add them to my line of Orvis rods, reels and lines.

  2. been in the market for new waders since mine started leaking after 2 years of use. i keep scouring around for the best deal and i keep coming back to the Orvis Silver Sonics. plus it helps that by buying from them im supporting another great Vermont based business.

  3. I already own a pair of SilverSonic Convertables. Hands down the best bang for your buck out there in waders right now. Would love to try out the new Zip series!

  4. They look very nice indeed! As I’m just getting into river fly fishing these would be very welcomed. 🙂

  5. I bought my silver sonics last fall and have really enjoyed them wading with them this year. A pair with zippers would be great for the winter.

  6. Just getting back into fly fishing after several years away from the sport. Forgot how much I love the experience. I would love to own a pair of the new Silver Sonic Zip Waders! Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Look like an awesome set of waders! I could use a new pair for some winter trout fishing down here in Texas.

  8. Just had our first introductory class over the weekend. The husband and I both loved it. We will be needing some good waders… And everything else! We are very excited to get started.

  9. These Silver Sonic Zip Waders look amazing! I am in great need of a new pair and this would be so awesome if I won these.

  10. Geeeze, I should have held out a bit longer. I love my silver sonic waders but the zipper version would be great to wear.. plus more pockets are cool too.

  11. These are coming out at the perfect time! As my last set of waders barely made it through the summer fishing season! Looking forward to trying out a pair!

  12. They would be a nice upgrade to my old pro guide 3 waders. However, I am disappointed to see that they don’t have neoprene gravel guards.

  13. The Silver Sonic waders have been a mainstay of my gear for years, and these look a useful upgrade. Quicker in and out means more time in the river and less on the tailgate of my SUV.

  14. Talk about perfect timing!!! I had a cheep, no-name pair of waders and they died after only a handful of uses… I could really use a pair of these!! Thank you for the opportunity to win, Orvis!

  15. I spent the weekend in my SiverSonics. They were great. The fishing? Not so much. I wish the local fishing reports would have mentioned that there was a canoe race on the Lower Au Sable River (Mio, Michigan) this weekend. Although, truth be told, the racers were fun to watch. They are athletes, and efficient ones at that. It was the cheering crowds and the flotilla of “recreational” canoeists that followed the racers who made the trout skiddish.
    Looking forward to reviews of the new SilverSonics.

  16. Raising six kids money is always tight. So quality is important and these look like they would fit the bill. Would love to field test them on Penns Creek.

  17. I have been in the market for new waders for a couple of years and I am at that ager when nature calls more often. I think the zippered waders may be the answer and would make the process a whole lot easier..These look really nice and would probably do the job perfectly..

  18. Hello! Maybe this is the lucky comment? The Waders would look great on me wearing it fly fishing in river Isar directly in Munich!

  19. Great looking product. Pleased with all things orvis that I own. My faithful endura waders are finally on their last leg. Srung a leak in both feet last weekend. Wouldn’t mind these as a replacement.

  20. These things look awesome. These waders would be perfect for a broke college student like me trying to replace my current raggy waders and still be able to afford some new boots!

  21. Orvis. Quality. Would love to wear a pair, especially because my old waders aren’t keeping me dry anymore…

  22. My current waders are leaking badly and I could really use a new pair for the upcoming fall salmon season.

  23. I’ve just returned my current (leaking) waders (not Orvis) to my dealer for the second time, so a pair of SIlver Sonic would be very welcome for my forthcoming trip to the Czech Republic!

  24. They look very nice, I’m going to have to save up for a new pair to get me through the winter fishing months…

    Much Want!!!


  25. these look amazing! the reviews seem to fit the quality too! Nothing better than a pair of comfy Orvis waders in a time erasing stream!

  26. My pea size bladder and baseball size prostate thank you for introducing the new Silver Sonic Zip waders! Would love to win a pair!

  27. Forever guided into the serene, cool flow! Wish I could proudly say I own my first pair of waders : )

  28. I have a fly rod, fly reel, fly line and even dacron backing from Orvis. I miss only Orvis waders!
    Can I use these new pair of Silver Sonic Zip Waders in Poland?:)

  29. would like to win a pair of these for the wife. i would she would be more willing fish more with nice waders.

  30. The silver sonic waders I purchased last September already are leaking so it would be great to get a new improved pair!

  31. I’ve been wet wading all summer, but I know I need some waders as the weather turns…this is my next investment. Thanks for getting me hooked Orvis!!!

  32. I can’t imagine fly fishing without my Orvis products. I’m about ready for a new pair of waders anyway.

  33. I have never given too much thought to zippered waders. But after watching the video, I think I would like to have a pair. And if I did it I would buy Orvis.

  34. These waders look great! I did chuckle at Phil Monahan’s comment (*cough*) about getting water out of waders in the video above this one, even as I was thinking how much easier the zipper would make it to get water out of these. Not that such a thing would ever be needed, mind you….

  35. Nice looking waders Orvis! I could use a nice pair of those. Especially since I am wader’less right now. 🙂

  36. Awesome looking waders! Would look even better with my Trout Bum Cowboy shirt and Access rod and reel!!

  37. I really need a new pair of waders!!! This would be a god send! Second to last trip out, my waders developed a small pinhole leak in the shin that I forgot about. The last trip out that leak turned into a hole and brought friends to the party! Holes in the leg plus holes in the croutch…. Good thing I had a change of clothes as the left leg was filled to the shin and the right above the knee, soaked everywhere else. Should have just wet waded!

  38. Always wondered about the zippered version because it has been in the sonic seam wader video from the beginning.

  39. Could really use a new pair of waders with mine having a small leak and winter coming up, my favorite time of the year to fish.

  40. These waders have always been known for durability and the zipper makes them as close to perfection as you can expect to get.

  41. Zippity do dah zippity day my oh my what wonderful day if I were to win a Pair of the NEW Silver Sonic Zip Waders!

  42. Great to see Orvis continue to innovate! I’ll be sure to have my son also check them out.



  43. Had my first experience fly fishing with my one of my friend wadders, now i need mines! Those looks terrific.

  44. The waders look comfortable and well made. I have a pair but they are neoprene and hot in the summer. I will have to look in to them. looks like their is good feed back.

  45. I have a zippered pair of another brand and love it even though I took some “heat from the guys”. But I am glad to see Orvis put a zipper on the Silver Sonic Wader will be a great addition to a great wader!!!!!!! That may quiet down the guys.
    Thanks Orvis and have a great day

  46. This would be a perfect birthday gift, and a perfect start to winter adventure gear. So you should definitely pick me for these AWESOME waders. No one gives away cool stuff like this. Orvis rocks.

  47. Just managed to tear a hole in mine while fishing the Naknek River in Alaska… I bet these would be a much needed upgrade.

  48. These sure would look nice on the river. I could tell you how durable these waders are after a season on the water with me: I get “out there.”

  49. Wow ! All of my fly fishing gear I own are Orvis products, except for wadders and boots. Yup: time to say good bye Simms waders and boots and hello Silver Sonic !

  50. It would be so great for my 16 years old son to get this. He Fish every day all the summer, and get a lot of Fish. This summer he have already broken 2 pairs off waders, so please send them to him!!!!!!!

  51. I would be happy to sport these fine waders and represent the Orvis brand on any water I happen to be fishing on. Pick me!!

  52. I have never had enough confidence in zippered waders to purchase a pair. Now that they have been out in the market for some years, it may be time to dive in, (which I do occasionally when out on the river).

  53. ZIPPPPPPPPP…..Gotta be careful not to get caught in the zipper. The movie Something About Mary comes to mind! “How’d you get the beans above the frank?!?!?!?”

  54. Yupp 🙂 Count me in! Shipping to Norway wont come cheap, but rest assured Ill put them to good use 😀
    #articchar #norwegianbrowns #atlanticsalmon #gloriousgrayling

  55. Wow!… Great looking waders! Can’t wait to get a pair… but I will definitely wait to see if I win a pair first. 😉

  56. I hope and pray I win those awesome Silver Sonic waders so I can look just as good as those snob guides on my local river. Maybe then they will at least nod at me or through me some free advice.

  57. Great looking waders! They look like they would be perfect for fly fishing. Especially getting in and out of my kayak to fly fish.

  58. i could see my self sneaking around fishing for sea trout in the archipelago in those when the season starts.

    /Michel from Stockholm


  60. These waders can get you back in the water quicker when you gotta go. Don’t have to remove a lot of gear. Love to have em.

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