Win a Trip to One of Canada’s Great Fly-Fishing Destinations

Our friends at The New Fly Fisher have launched a great contest, in which the winner gets a five-day trip to fly fish at one of nine lodges in the Algoma region of Ontario, Canada. Sounds awesome, right? But, wait: there’s more! The winner will also receive $1,000 worth of fishing gear and can choose either Bill Spicer or Colin McKeown from The New Fly Fisher to guide them on their trip and have this dream fishing trip recorded for a future episode to be broadcast on television.

Click here for more info and to enter.

Click here for the contest rules (PDF).

9 thoughts on “Win a Trip to One of Canada’s Great Fly-Fishing Destinations”

  1. Last night, our fly-tying club was lucky enough to have Bill Spicer come and do a presentation on fly fishing opportunities in the Algoma District. I have to say, win the contest or not, I don’t think anyone who heard and saw what I did last night, could possibly resist the temptation to go north this summer and fly fish in “The Land of the Giants”. Whoever wins this contest is a very lucky angler, indeed.
    Ah well, I came away with the evening’s door prize, an Orvis rod… even if it was a used one!

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