Win the Helios 2 Fly Rod of Your Choice in Our Exciting “Where Would You Go?” Contest!

We are so excited about the upcoming fishing season—Come on spring!—that we’re gonna try to kick-start the warming trend by giving away a Helios 2 fly rod. We are calling this the “Where Would You Go? Contest” to give you, and ourselves, a chance to dream about an incredible fly-fishing experience. Imagine that you had unlimited time, unlimited funds, and the Helios 2 of your choice. What would you do with these gifts?

Here’s how the contest works:

In the comments below, tell us three things:

  1. Which Helios 2 model you would choose
  2. Where you would go fishing
  3. What species you would pursue.

The contest runs through March 30, and one winner will be chosen at random to receive the Helios 2 of his or her choice. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing how many different, varied, and wonderful dream trips you can conjure up.

So, leave your three-part comment below and then use the widget to enter the contest! (To choose which model you’d like to use, visit the Helios 2 page.)

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999 thoughts on “Win the Helios 2 Fly Rod of Your Choice in Our Exciting “Where Would You Go?” Contest!”

    1. 9ft 4wt Tip Flex, I’d head for the Hight Backcountry of WY to chase down Trophy Golden Trout!!!!!

    2. St. Mary’s Atlantic Salmon, St. Mary, Michigan with Helios 2 5-weight 10′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex.

      1. 9′ 5wt fishing for trout in the Big Horn Mountain’s in Wyoming, around the Ranchester area. I would love a Helios 2 fly rod.

    3. I’d love to get my hands on a Helios 2 6-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex and chase Payara in South America!

    4. Rod of choice would have to be the 14wt 8’6″ tip flex.
      I’d fish the Dampier Archipelago islands off Western Australia. For tiger shark above 200kg pushing that rod to it’s limits!

    5. Helios 2 – 5wt 9′ Midflex
      South fork of the Snake River, Irwin ID
      Brown, Cutthroat, or Rainbow

    6. i want this model Helios 2 5-weight 10′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex to pursue trout all over America and one day the world

    7. I’d love a Helios 2 freshwater! Would use in Wisconsin all the time. But would LOVE to take it somewhere in the Pacific Northwest on a trip for trout!

    8. Helo2 freshwater or spey 9ft 8wt I’m planning to fish every weekend steal head alley Ohio and pa and some Canada northerns

    9. Chasing reds and speckled trout on the flats in the Florida panhandle off of my paddle board. 9′ 6 weight. Nothing more exciting than getting pulled around by those bruisers.

  1. Helios 2 Switch 6 Wt; British Columbia; Steelhead. Like Willy Sutton said — that’s where the fish are.

  2. 1.)Helios 2 Freshwater 8′-6″ 5wt. Mid Flex
    2.) South Holston River
    3.) Salmo trutta – The Mighty Brown Trout

  3. 9ft. 8wt. Tip Flex
    Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Minnesota
    The Biggest Smallmouth this world has to offer
    Trip is planned already, now I just need the rod.

    1. Hope your trip works out well. I’ve slammed some football smallies in QPP with a 9′ 8wt. Hydros! What a blast!

  4. 1. Helios 2 5WT 9′ Mid-flex rod
    2. Zako River in Shiga Kogen, Japan- A river of perfection
    3. Wild Char

  5. Helios 2 Freshwater – 5wt, 8’6″
    Home waters in Utah and Montana
    -Dream trip to New Zealand
    Brown Trout

  6. I would choose a 7’6″. 3 Weight. Mid Flex. Helios 2.
    I would fish in Rocky Mountain National park in the mountains.
    The species I would chase after would be brook trout and cutthroat trout.

  7. 1. Helios 2 8-weight 11′ Switch Rod—Tip Flex
    2. Anywhere in Oregon!
    3. Steelhead, aka The Man in The Silver Suit!!

  8. 1. Helios 2 Big Game 9′ 9wt

    2. I would either go to Brazil/Columbia

    3. The species would be huge peacock bass!

  9. 5wt 9ft Tip Flex; Bozeman MT, stopping through Casper, WY to fish the North Platte on the way; after trout all day.

  10. 9 ft 8wt. I live in New York and one of the best trips I’ve ever had was to the Louisiana Marsh. Fly fishing on a flats boat as we hunted for Red fish. It was my first time sight fishing on a flats boat and I’ve been dreaming of doing it again ever since!

    1. The H2 4wt Tip flex for Browns…. Casting through tall grass and between trees, Flipping, hopping and twitching poppers along my favourite trout creeks in Ontario.

  11. 1) 2wt 6ft mid flex
    2) The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    3) Southern Appalachian Brook Trout!!

  12. I’d want a 6-weight 9’6″—Tip Flex to go after giant rainbows and Asiatic kundzha char on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

  13. Helios 2 11′ – 6 weight switch, all over the pacific northwest for wild steelhead and back country bull trout

  14. Helios 2 9′ 6wt tip flex to cut through the Wyoming winds on the Big Horn river for browns, bows, and cutties all day long and don’t forget the occasional carp too!!!!!!

  15. For me, an easy answer:
    1. Helios 2: 12-weight, 9 foot, tip flex;
    2. Definitely the Seychelles. Any one of the atolls I could get to: Alphonse, Farqhuar, Cosmoledo, Desroches, St Brandons…
    3. Giant Trevally.

    The dream continues.

  16. I’d take the 10′ 8 wt on my dream trip to Patagonia and fish the Rio Pico and surrounding waters for monster Browns and Brookies!

  17. 10 foot 5 weight.
    I am heading to Yellowstone this summer and I am in the market now.. this would sure help!!!

  18. I would love to be soaking in the sunshine out in meadow fishing one of those very crooked, yet incredibly peaceful mountain streams for wild trout with a Helios 2 9′ 4wt Mid-Flex.

  19. 9ft 5wt tip flex. Northwestern Wyoming the place I learned to fly fish and catch yellowstone cutthroats

  20. 1. Helios 2 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex
    2. Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
    3. Rainbow, brown and Brook

  21. Oooooooo, Definitely the 11 foot 6 weight switch. That way I could go up the North Shore in Minnesota to swing for steelhead then use the same rig just up the road for pike and smallies in the boundary waters.

    I lived thru a Minnesota winter. I deserve this. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  22. I think a 9′ 8wt, then travel back in time to 1850s Hoh River in Washington State to find some Chrome!

  23. I’d take a 9′ 7wt. saltwater rod all the way to eastern Australia to drag a popper across every bit of cover in sight waiting and holding my breath for the heart-stopping slam of the estuarial Australian Bass.

  24. I would take the Helios 2 10’ 3wt to the San river in south-east Poland to live out my passion for fly fishing with dry fly and nymph. Then back home to my beloved river Don for winter grayling nymphing.

  25. Helios 2 9′ 5 wt maybe a 8’6″ 4 wt

    For the Rockies, Great Lakes, Upper New England States on any stream or river not too big……. with a fly I tied and a hand made furled leader……. a crisp morning sun warming my soul…… or the rain cleansing my skin……a quiet gentle breeze is preferred (because of my casting ability)…….. Oh yea maybe a rainbow, brown, or………

  26. 1. The Helios 2 Mid Flex 4-wt 8ft 6ins would be my choice.
    2. The River Eden in the beautiful Cumbrian English countryside is my dream destination.
    3. The Wild Brownies, difficult to spot, hard to fool but exhilarating to catch.

  27. I can’t believe how many people would stay on the continent with unlimited funds. I would have to do days of research but off the top of my head…
    1. I would want a 9′ 5wt for trout, because I’d use it all the time in the northeast here, even though it might be too light for
    2. Kamchatka’s
    3. Steelhead and Rainbows

  28. 1. Helios 2: 5wt. 9′ Mid Flex.
    2. All NC mountain trout waters for an entire season. But start on the remote Hazel Creek.
    3. All 3 species in NC, Brown, ‘Bows & Brookies.

  29. 9ft 5wt tip flex
    Hiwassee- float trip- having two small kids I would take any time on any water
    Chasing Browns

  30. 1. Helios 2: 8’6 5wt. Mid
    2. Beautiful North Georgia Mountains all the way up the Appalachia
    3. Brookies, ‘Bows and Big Old Browns.

  31. Oh, man. Unlimited time and funds? Then I want a tip flex, 9 foot, 12 weight and a trip to the Seychelles for Grand Trevally. Failing that? A tip flex 7 weight and a trip to the Sutton River in northern Ontario to chase six pound brook trout.

  32. 1.Which Helios 2 model you would choose : 8wt 10′
    2.Where you would go fishing: Doesn’t matter as long as my dad is with me.
    3.What species you would pursue: Salmon/Steelhead

  33. 1. Helios 2 , 8-wt 11′ Switch Rod—Tip Flex
    2. Anywhere in Québec Rivers
    3. Rainbow trout

  34. I would use the 9ft 10 weight Helios 2 and travel to Baja California to target Rooster and take some shots at sailfish and dorado. Or same Rod to columbia for huge peacock bass (watched GEOBASS last night)

  35. H2 9′ 11 or 12 wt.
    To the Fla. keys to pursue the mighty
    Silver King – all bow to The King.
    A huge bucket list item for me – been in
    my bucket since childhood. Before I even
    knew there was such a thing.

  36. 11 foot 8-weight Switch Rod
    Somewhere on the Gaspe Peninsula, preferably with April Vokey
    Atlantic Salmon

  37. I would get a Helios 2 saltwater 12 weight, take it out to Florida in a kayak, and catch some tarpon!

  38. Mid Flex 9 foot 4 wt. I’d take it to the mountain creeks of Croatia/Slovenia–from where my great grandparents came to pack meat in the Midwest where I grew up fishing for bass and crappies in farm ponds. But when I went on a vacation to Colorado as a teen, I knew I was mountain people.

  39. Helios 2 6-weight 11′ Switch Fly Rod—Tip Flex (Because my casting shoulder gave out this winter)
    Would go to British Columbia
    To pursue Steelhead

  40. As Ive come to experience…the grass isnt always greener on the other side and there is something very special in returning to your childhood dream waters. For me this would be the inland Troms highlands in northern Norway.
    Dreamlike scenarios with as string of small lakes, streams and rivers teaming with artic char and fat browns. Often windy conditions in the mountains calls for a rod that can handle some weight as well as the “full meal flies” up here such as the native chopper sized blood sucking mosquitos 🙂 Weapon of choice would be the Helios 2 6-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex.

    Tight lines!

  41. A Helios2 9 foot 8 weight, hunting Atlantic Salmon on the Gander River, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

  42. Helios 2, 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    Copper River Alaska
    Rainbow Trout, but I wouldn’t kick a trophy salmon off the line either!

  43. Helios 2 Switch Rod, 5 wt tip flex. I would definitely be hunting some big browns in New Zealand.

  44. Helios 2 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    Salmon, char, trout

    Plus, my father turned 65 this year and my brother and I started a saving account for the 3 of us to squirrel away some money each month to make it to Alaska together in the next 2 years. My father loves the national parks system and we intend to take him to atleast one he has not been before. His parents made it to 49 states in the lifetime, hopefully my father can set foot in all 50.

  45. I would take a Helios 2, 8-weight 11′ Switch Rod on a trip to the salmon reserve in russia for atlantic salmon.

  46. I would choose a 10′ 4WT for my local streams of SE MN. Dream trip would include the Pacific Northwest, my wife and 3 month old, a cabin in the woods somewhere with easy access to both steelhead and salmon streams, as well as access to Puget Sound for Sea Run Cutt’s.

  47. I would go for a 9fot #6 of this gorgeous piece of tech. my wife will be glad to, that I won’t spend an fortune on another rod. With the 6 shooter I am going to a small lake not long from my home in northern Sweden. There in the deep black water lures the biggest trout, also the smartest. but with this gear I am up for it…

  48. Helios 2 12-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    St Brandon’s Atoll Mauritius
    Chasing Giant Travelly

  49. 8’6″ 4wt Mid Flex
    I’d head straight to Montana with my dad, both forks and the main channel of the Bitteroot River.
    We’d chase West Slope Cutties during the Salmonfly hatch. Catch and release, of course.

  50. I would go to the Indian River, FL and use a Helios 2 8wt to catch what ever is available but try for redfish because I have never fished or caught one and it is warm after this long cold winter in northern New York.

  51. I would take the 9 foot 5 weight helios 2 on a trip to Kamchatka to target some massive Russian rainbows using huge mouse patterns. Think the helios could handle that?

  52. Which Helios 2 model you would choose: 9′ 8wt
    Where you would go fishing: Bow River in Canada
    What species you would pursue: Monster Brown Trout

  53. I would choose the Helios2 9ft ~ 4wt ~ Mid-Flex.
    I would fish in the Paradise Valley of Montana.
    No trout would be safe.

  54. I would choose the Helios 2 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex! I would go fishing in the mountains of southwest Colorado and I would pursue some native cutthroats!

  55. I’ve declared 2014 “The Summer of Small Water” so I’d take one of those Helios 7’6″ 3wt’s with me as I trudge through Colorado’s wilderness areas, like Sarvis Creek and the Flat Tops and Lost Creek, chasing hungry brookies and cutthroats.

  56. I’d like a 10′ 4wt for home waters, but my dream trip would be chasing salmon, grayling,and dollies in Alaska.

  57. H2 8wt Switch
    My backyard, Kenai Peninsula Alaska
    steelhead, king, silver, & red salmon, rainbows, and Dolly Varden char
    Why go to someplace exotic when you are already there?

  58. 1. Helios 2 saltwater. Honestly I don’t know which one would be best.
    2. Louisiana
    3. BIG BULL reds!

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  60. I had this dream of teaching my son to fish last night, he was proud and determined and focused. It was a moment where fishing transcends sport, whether the fish are hitting or not, its when nothing else matters but the rod in your hand and river at your feet. I believe this is what we strive for as fisherman, while a Big fish is great motivation, giving others the Passion to get out on the water is the Best reward. And what better way to represent that then with a Rod that has been Handcrafted and Meticulously watched over. I would love to see this rod in the hands of my son, giving him the love of fishing that my Grandfather and Father handed down to me. The 9ft 6wt freshwater would handle the wind and give him the comfort he needs to be a confident fisherman. Where would we go?? where wouldn’t we go!

  61. I like a challenge and it has always been my dream to battle some wild trout in South Africa. I’d grab an 8ft 4wt Helios 2 with some small flies and head straight there .

  62. I would take a Helios 2 11′ 7wt. switch rod to Prince of Wales Island, AK and travel around for two weeks swinging for steelhead.

  63. Hello!

    I would choose the
    Helios 2 6-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex
    . I would wield that sword between July 19-July 26, chasing Northerns and Smallies on Leech Lake in MN. (My father-in-law agreed to shave his head if I caught a pike outside of the slot on a fly! The Helios I win may or may not be responded to with a before/after picture!)

    But, my first adventure with the rod would be weed and brush, slick and slime, worm ridden filth and moss covered rock chasing good ol’ Golden Bonefish himself: Cyprinus carpio. Nebraska carp, like many others, are huge and picky. Need something to present some fake-tastiness with accuracy and delicacy.

  64. 1.) Helios 2 10-weight 9′ fly rod
    2.) Philippines (to finally meet my wife’s extended family and enjoy some awesome fishing with them!)
    3.) Dorado

  65. 1. 9ft 9wt Helios 2 Tip Flex
    2. Barotse Tiger Island, Zambia
    3. Tigerfish, during the Catfish run in August/September

    This has been my dream trip since I can remember, amazing fishing with amazing scenery and the strongest fish in Africa. This will be a bucket list trip and the highlight of my flyfishing career.

  66. Unlimited time, funds and the Helios 2 of my choice? That’s easy.

    St. Brandon’s Atoll, Mauritius.
    Helios 2 8-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    Bonefish and Indo-Pacific Permit

  67. 1) Helios 2 5-weight 8’6″ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    2)South Platte or Arkansas River in Colorado
    3) Rainbow and Brown Trout

  68. 1. Helios 2 9-weight 11′ – Tip Flex – Switch Rod
    2. I would go to the Spey River in Scotland, what better place to learn to spey cast like my ancestors.
    3. I would definitly go for the Salmon

  69. 1) Helios 2 8-weight 11′ Switch Fly Rod
    2) My dream trip is to King Salmon, AK
    3) Salmon, Trout and Grayling

  70. 1 Helios 2 3-weight 7’6″ Fly Rod—Mid Flex

    2 I would head into the beautiful Cherokee National Forest (south of the Great smokey mtns) to chase brookies in the back county alone. Simple peaceful and reinvigorating

    3 wild brook trout

  71. Marthas vineyard would be my first choice to go target stripers with my hand tied rabbit zonker sandeel patterns in the salt ponds and around the island for striped bass. 10 wt is my rod of choice for hefting big stripers around structure and casting bug wet bunny flies about 7 inches long. went to marthas vineyard with my father once in my life and i never could forget catching them in our freshwater kayaks on light tackel and how i watched a suspended bass dissapear in the blink of an eye as i tapped the paddle on the kayak. one of the greatest memories i have catching with my father and one of my dreams to go camping and fishing there once again to chase stripers in the early light in the backs of those ponds and inlets to the ocean. i am fortunate enough to own one orvis clearwater 2 7 wt ive had for 4 years so far catching monster bass in my secret lake. boy does it turnover a large bass bug right where i want it.

  72. Helios 2 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex
    I would love to go to a remote campsite and fish some classic streams with football brookies! Rushing stream, brilliantly colored brook trout and a week to loose myself fishing.
    Brookies, brookies… Brookies!

  73. 1. I would want the Helios 2, 9 foot, 5 weight, mid flex rod to slay rivers.
    2. I would love to go to Patagonia and explore the beautiful mountain rivers.
    3. I’m a born and bred trout guy. I would pursue the browns and rainbows down there.

  74. 1. Which Helios 2 model you would choose: 12 weight
    2. Where you would go fishing: Seychelles
    3. What species you would pursue: Giant Trevally

    I’ve been seeing some videos of people catching these beasts and it just looks insanely exciting. They seem so aggressive on the take!

  75. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the 8wt switch Helios 2 (SI7A9C-51-57)

    I would immediately book a trip to fish the Skeena tribs this fall, and then fish my local waters of the Salmon River all fall/winter. It is a good excuse to visit the in-laws as well in Salmon. Spring runs in Stanley would be magnificent with this rod. If you get it to me soon enough, I can use it this spring! I would take so many promo pics for Orvis!

    Salmon River Steelhead, BC Steelhead, Snake River Brown Trout!

  76. 1.) Helios 2 6-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex
    2.) I would head to my home turf of Pyramid Lake, Nevada
    3.) I would chase the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (Over 20lbs now) and if conditions weren’t good then I would head to my favorite Carp spot and chase 10+lb Carp!

  77. 9 foot 7wt tip flex. I would use the funds to pay for my son’s tuition. That being said I would stay around home and finish the AuSable big water and the Pere Marquette for big browns on big streamers.

  78. 1. Helios 2 – 6 Wt 9′ Tip Flex
    2. South Island, New Zealand
    3. Brown Trout

    I have always dreamed of seeing the clear water of New Zealand and casting to large browns. And the size of the fish taking dries down there is incredible!

  79. 1. Helios 2 4-weight 8’6″ Fly Rod—Mid Flex
    2. Fishing the remote headwaters of North Island, New Zealand.
    3. Rainbow trout.

  80. 9ft 6wt road trip with helios, colorado-montana-wyoming. Trout and grayling. I would always be fishing if i could afford a helios.

  81. Helios 2 4-weight 7′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex

    Kashmir, India for rainbows BUT because its a hard place to get to…

    Oregon, brown trout

  82. What a tease when I’m stuck in the office staring out the window…

    1. Helios 2 – 8wt 9′
    2. My first choice would be a remote lake in northern Canada where you are the only one on the water.
    3. Pike and muskee

  83. Dream Trip: I would pack my 9′ 8wt Helios 2, go to British Columbia and target large fresh and strong steelhead!

  84. I would choose the 5wt mid flex. Then drive to Jim Hubbards ranch in MT with my dad and fish the many spring creeks in Paradise Valley he missed out on. I’d also go to the Soda Butte after those beautiful Cutt’s in Yellowstone National Park.

  85. Not one mention of your (and my) home waters of VT! I’ll even pick it up from you. Save the shipping $$. 9′ – 6 wt fished all over for trout. Battenkill, Otter, New Haven, Winooski and on, Handcrafted in VT, Fished in VT.

  86. I would pick a 9′ 6wt. Being a guide in Wyoming and have never fished Alaska that is the place I would pick. If money and time were not a concern I would start in Bend Oregon. On the deschutes river system (my fishing buddy lives there). I know a 6 wt is light for steelhead but I would love to give it a try. Then I would move up to Hood River and fish that area then hit some of the famous waters in Washinton. Keying in on trout the majority of the time. Then hit the islands area north of Seattle and British Columbia. Need to bring a kayak along for that section! Hit some more costal rivers all the way and end up in keni Alaska ( have a buddy that lives there also). Try to hit the steelhead run there also, would have to bring a 7wt and a 8wt also! Hey Phil did you get the fly box I sent you?

    Tight lines to all and to all a good fight!

    Ty Hallock

  87. Helios 10′ 5wt. My destination of choice would have to be Kamchatka before it turns into an area that “used to be pristine, wild and untouched”!

  88. Helios 2 freshwater 3 weight 8’4″ mid flex
    Looking for Brown Trout in Malleo river, Patagonia argentina

  89. Helios 2 (14wt)
    I would travel the oceans finding all the best sweet spots to fish
    any and all big game fish…..And never come back to work. lol

  90. My wife and I just drool every time we see photos of New Zealand. I’m certain I would enjoy taking her and my new Helios 2, 9′ 5 wt over to New Zealand to break the rod in on some of those huge Brown Trout.

  91. Helios 2 4-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    I would go to the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho to catch Golden Trout!

  92. Anywhere in Alaska. Salmon and monster trout. Not sure exactly what I would need for that. Maybe a tip flex 9′ 5wt and something bigger for salmon. 10′ 8wt?

  93. I moved from Northern Virginia to Western Montana 6 months ago today. My dream trip is literally in my back yard. Having the opportunity to fish the Bitteroot, Blackfoot, Clark Fork, and Rock Creek in the same day is truly the definition of trip of a lifetime in my book.

    A 9’6″ Tip Flex 6 weight would be ideal to toss anything from a PMD, to a big foam Chubby, to a meaty streamer to native cutts, big browns, and acrobatic rainbows all day long.

  94. I would like a 9′ 9 weight 4pc. Helios 2 rod.
    I would fish Alaska for salmon. After breaking my T3 on a musky last summer, it would come in handy for all the species I would normally target this summer.

  95. Which Helios 2 model: 3wt, 7’6″ mid flex
    Where you would go fishing: the native trout streams of northern Maine
    What species: brook trout

  96. 1.) 9 ft. – 6 wt.; Tip Flex

    2.) With unlimited time and funds, of course I could choose to go anywhere in the world, and I would if that were the case, but if I could go to one place, it would be right here in good ol’ Montana. I would hire a chopper to fly myself and two of my buddies to the headwaters of the South Fork of the Flathead River, raft, gear, and all, including my new Helios 2. From there we would float all day, everyday, camp, and then get up and do it again and again…. and what would we target?

    3.) Big hungry cutties and big mean bull trout.

    See you ladies and gents in Missoula next month!!!

  97. 8 WT salt tip flex, I’d spend the rest of my days setting the record for most species brought to hand on a fly rod, from chucking mice to Alaskan Rainbows and dodging grizzly bears, to braving the wilds of India in search of the legendary Mahseer.

  98. I’d love to take the H2 10′ 3wt to California’s Sierra Nevada to work on the California Heritage Trout Challenge!

  99. My girlfriend has claimed my very first rod (my workhorse 6 wt) for herself. The H2 10′ 6wt would be my stick of choice for acquainting myself with Mexican bass and baby tarpon and small bones. Then I’d roadtrip my way home, stopping only to chase some Texas and Louisiana reds, topping it all off with swinging streamers in tailwaters throughout Tennessee.

  100. I would love to fish Alaska.
    For salmon or trout
    And an 8# weight.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  101. I could not click on the link on the page, so I am hoping, that by leaving my comments here, I will still be entered!
    I would select the Helios 2- 3 wt, 7′ 6″ rod.
    I would fish for brookies and rainbows.
    I would spend the day with my Dad, who at 82 still manages to outfish me, on some small streams in central Pennsylvania on Father’s Day weekend!!

  102. I’d want to use it every opportunity that I could so…

    1) 5-weight 9′ Mid Flex
    2) Rahway River, NJ
    3) Stockie Rainbows!

  103. 9ft 9wt
    Flathead River, Montana
    Northern Pike
    My brother just bought a new motor for his boat and is raving about the Flathead. Typical Montana awesomeness without the crowds. I would love to feel the pull of a toothy 30 inch beast on the Helios 2!

  104. Helios 2 3-weight 7’6″ Fly Rod—Mid Flex …….rainbows, browns and brookies….Western NC, Upcountry SC and North GA Helios 2 3-wt 7’6″ Mid Flex

  105. I would choose the Helios 2 4-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex and go to the Kola Peninsula for large browns!

  106. I would use the 9′ 9 weight Helios 2 for Atlantic salmon on the cascapedia river.To catch that huge salmon that’s been haunting my dreams, and nothing could get it done better then the Helios 2

  107. Definitely the Helios 2 Big Game 8 wt. 9 ft. Tip Flex – Going to need the power to reel in those 35 pound Atlantic Salmon on the Matapedia River in Quebec!

  108. Orvis Helios 2 9′ 5wt Mid Flex, in the remote hill lochs on the Isle of Skye – Scotland, catching the hard fighting wild Brown Trout

  109. Helios 2 6-weight 9′ Fly Rod
    St Martin de los Andes in Argentina (visited couple of years ago when I knew nothing about fly fishing. After talking to fishermen in the lodge and local guides, it was then I wanted to give it a go)
    Brown Trout

  110. My wife and I have called Vermont home for the past five years but we are looking to move out west at the end of this summer. There are all these places I’ve been wanting to fish but have put off getting there for one reason or another. I would take a brand new Helios 2 rod on whirlwind tour of northern New England. Stops would include the Clyde for LL Salmon, Battenkill for its browns, the Upper Connecticut and Rangely drainage for brookies and of course countless thin blue lines in White Mountain and Green Mountain National Forest for native brookies. The 9’ 6 wt mid flex model would be perfect.

  111. Two places:
    Mongolia with an 8wt 9ft Helios2 tip flex to tangle with Tiamen.
    Kamchatka with a 7wt 9ft Helios2 tip flex.

  112. 7′ 4#
    Small overgrown chalkstream in southern UK, probably the Cerne or the Ebble.
    Trout, Trout and more Trout.

  113. H2 8W 9Ft Flex Tip
    Steelhead in Western NY (Unless you’re springing for air fare too. (Then New Zealand)

  114. Helios 2 5-weight 8′ 6″ Fly Rod—Mid Flex

    Heading to New Zealand, the land of the Kiwis, for Brown and Rainbow trout!!

    Tight Lines y’all

  115. Helios 2 5-wt 9′ mid flex
    I’d head to my favorite spot – SE Tennessee and the Hiwassee River
    Fishing for rainbows!

  116. I’d have my brother from Louisiana and brother
    From South Carolina come up to ontario Canada where iam and we’d fish the streams when the

    salmon and the steelhead run (honestly I’d use it for pike as well, maybe stripers in the Connecticut river and more)

    Helios 2 8 weight 10′ fly rod flex tip

  117. 9′ 5wt. Frank Church Wilderness … wild native Idaho cutthroat on a float tube at Bernard Lake

  118. 11′ 6wt switch.

    I would choose New Zealand, the entirety of New Zealand. North island, South Island all of it. I would love to spend some time in some of the flat water areas that I have seen in many videos (namely in some scenes from “once in a blue moon”. Then head to all of the various rivers that vein the landscape. I would choose the 6 wt switch because I would have the ability to Spey cast big streamers long distances in flat waters and still use it for some over head dry fly casting and it’s long reach for ESN action.

  119. 1. Helios 2 10′ 4 weight Tip Flex
    2. Rivers Trysil, Glomma, Rena in Norway
    3. Brown trout and Grayling

  120. 9 ft 5 weight mid flex cross country road trip for trout and smallmouth. Pa to Ca and back . northern states going west and central coming back east

  121. (1) Helios 2 4-weight 10′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    (2) first : “Les Nives” in South France and rivers of Pyrenees (South France) : to prepare and testing the helios2,
    second : The New-zealand = for big trout, only and only.
    (3) panters of the Pyrenees and Big Brown of NZ

  122. 1) Helios 2 8-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    2) TROUT FISHING: Argentina – Bariloche – 7 Days in Patagonia – Fish for Rainbow’s, Browns, and Brookies
    3) Trophy Rainbow Trout

  123. Backup Trip (Trip on the way back from Argentina) – 7 more days

    1) Helios 2 10-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    2) Cuba
    3) Fish the Triple Play – Bone Fish, Tarpon, Permit

  124. I would get a Helios 2 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex. I would fish for monster Browns on the Gunnison in Colorado.

  125. I would choose a 9′ ft 5 wt

    I would chase trout all over southwest Colorado. I would like to say I would travel to some fancy destination with my new rod but I would just fish where I usually fish, just in primo style.

    Also, I would treat it right too. It could sleep in my bed with me in a solid case of course. My wife can sleep on the floor…just kidding…she can have the couch.

  126. I would go to the south Platte river in Colorado and fish the kokanee salmon run with a 5 wt 9 ft tip flex.

  127. For me, I got to go with the 11′ 9 wt. match that with a 550 grain Skagit line, a fast sinking tip, a heavy leader, and a really big fly and were in business for big Susquehanna river flat heads.

  128. 5 wt tip flex. South fork of Flathead in the Bob Marshal Wilderness, Montana. Going after bull trout and cutthroat. Packing in in two months

  129. I would use the 10′ 5 wt to do some cicada fishing and tour the South Island of New Zealand picking off Large Browns and Rainbows with the Mid Flex. That is number one on the bucket list so an easy choice.

  130. I’d take the Helios 2 6-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex and fish Char Lake, Labrador for days on end catching Arctic Char hand over fist!

    1. 9ft 5wt tip flex

      For all of the river valleys and mountain streams across Western Montana. Chasing rainbows, browns, and elusive cutthroat.

  131. Helios 2 4-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex
    Malleo River, Patagonia, Argentina
    Brown trout on a size 20 dry fly

  132. 1.) 9′ 6 weight mid flex
    2.) Local Western New York streams and lake Erie tribs
    3.) Brown and Rainbow trout, steelhead, large and small mouth bass, and any other species I can get to take a fly!

  133. I want to llok a GT in the face on Christmas Island

    I’m thinking at least the Helios 2 11-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex

  134. H2 4-weight 9′ Tip Flex for back country fishing to Golden Trout in Wyoming’s Wind River Mtn Range.

  135. Helios 2 #8 9′ to fish the huge peacock bass in the amazon rainforest mainly in the rio negro river

    Thanks and good look to everybody


  136. I would choose the 10 foot 8 weight.
    Fish the shores of the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY.
    Stripers and blues.

  137. Helios 2 2-weight 6′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex. I would love to go to the driftless area so I could do some fishing with my dad, but would mainly use it in the Sierra Nevadas (where I live). Would be going after small creek trout, rainbows, brookies, and browns.

  138. 1, The rod that I would choose is the Helios 2 saltwater 10 weight.
    2, The place that I would go fishing at is Mongolia.
    3, The name of the targeted fish would be the worlds largest trout that is called the “Taimen” and this is a fish that I would really love to fish for.

  139. If I had a Helios 2 Rod I would take advantage of the vacations up in Connecticut in the Farmington river for rainbows, browns, and brook trout. A 9ft 5wt tip flex rod would be the one I would like to have for this.

  140. I have this dream of going to fish northern pike in a boreal lake in Alberta or Saskatchewan. For that I would need a nice 9-weight rod. But I already bought that. My other dream is to hike to one of the two alpine lakes in Alberta that hold golden trout. I think I’d like to use a 4-piece 8’6″ 4-weight. Possible a tad light for the possible winds up there, but it would double nicely as the go-to rod for fishing smaller alpines lakes and creeks for cutthroat trout.

  141. Helios 2 5-weight 7’9″ Fly Rod—Mid Flex, Solo Canoe adventure on the Dusey River,Ontario for 20 inch brookies.

  142. Helios 2 4-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    Poudre Canyon and Big Thompson Canyon in Ft Collins and Loveland Colorado respectively.
    Brookies, Browns, and Rainbows

  143. I would use a Helios II, 3wt, 7′ to fish the small streams of western Pennsylvania (the Neshannock, the Slippery Rock, etc) hunting for native Brookies! That is about as close to heaven as you can get on earth, so you might as well have the best equipment to fully enjoy it all.

  144. 1) H2 13′ 6″ 8wt Spey (Nothing in the rules about my future dream rod)
    2) BC
    3) That sweet chrome!!!!

  145. 1. Helios 2 5 wt, 10 ft
    2. Nymphing or swinging wets with Dan Harrison on a secret river in Massachusetts
    3. Monster Browns

  146. I would choose the 11′ 8wt switch and go to Iceland to fish Atlantic’s and sea runs. Is definitely on the bucket list.

  147. I would use a Helios 4-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex on the Big Thompson River for Brown trout in Colorado with my 4 year old daughter. We love to fish there and have pretty good success.

  148. I am dreaming of winning the Helios 2-5weight 8′ 6″ fly rod. I see myself on the Battenkill in Vermont going for the best brown trout in New England…not only did i win the rod, I got the “Larch” site at Emerald Lake State Park in East Dorset Vt. for a whole week!

  149. I’d take one of the 4 weight 7′ outfits up into the highest, furthest back parts of the Rocky Mountain backcountry my feet would take me to. I want the miles-from-everyone-else glacial lake or creek. I want Cutthroats, Brookies, and the illusive Greenback.

  150. 1) Helios 2 50-weight 9′ Fly Rod-Mid Flex
    2) Alaska
    3) Brookies and Cutties in the Rocky Mountains

    Thanks for the contest!

  151. Helios 2 8’6″ 4wt mid flex
    Back country in the Great Smoky Mountains with my beautiful son, and my beautiful wife I would give away those endless funds and keep the endless amount of time with them, the mountains, and the back country brook trout. They bought me a Helios a couples years ago I would love to win one for them. My to loves are very deserving.

    Little back country brook trout. The most pretty fish on earth !!!!!!!!!

  152. I’d down in Patagonia on the beautiful Azul River, with my Helios 2 10′ 5wt stalking huge rainbows and browns!

  153. 9′ 5wt Silver creek for trout. This was the trip I was scheduled to take when my father-in-law passed. He kept insisting we not change our vacation plans for him. He was that way, unselfish. We used to fish out his old john boat. Me in the bow on the homemade casting deck he made. While I flipped bugs for bass he would use his old Zebco. He never caught much but he like watch me cast. I never could get him to try my a fly rod. If I get the rod I’ll take that trip.

  154. 10 ft 4 weight Helios2

    I would fish a cast of three wet flies on all the favorite waters made famous by the wet fly experts, including waters fished by Sylvester Nemes, Dave Whitlock, Allen McGee, Davy Wotton, Dave Hughes, John Shaner etc. including North America, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Korea… Call it a “Soft Hackle Odyssey! ” No indicator allowed. Include a winning lottery ticket in the rod tube, please…

  155. Helios 2, 9′ 4WT
    Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park. Slough Creek, Pebble Creek, Soda Butte, Lamar River, Yellowstone River.
    West Slope Cutthroat, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, and whatever else will put a bend in the rod!
    How long are we gone for?

  156. 1. Helios 2 9′ 8wt
    2. Everglades
    3. Jacks, Snook, Redfish, Snapper, Grouper, Tarpon – in that order

  157. 9′ 5wt
    Honestly, I of all the places in the world I could go, I think I would take a week in Idaho fishing for trout on all of my favorite rivers with my Pops!! Henry’s Fork, South Fork, Teton, Bitch Creek!!!! Nothing better!!!

  158. 1.) Helios 2 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    2.) A tour of Patagonia with Jeremy Wade to show him how to really catch a river monster! ; )
    3.) Some of the largest trophy trout in the world… FISH ON!!!

  159. 2wt, 8″4 Helios 2 – the mountains of the Aberdare National Park game reserve in Kenya chasing small wild browns and rainbows

  160. If I win, I would choose the Helios 2 10-weight 9′ Switch Rod
    I would head to the Smith River in Northern California to fish for chromed out Steelhead all day, everyday!

  161. Africa has big, strong and fussy fish

    I would use the 9′ 5w to delicately present a fly to the Yellowfish (Largemouth and Smallmouth) of Sterkfontien

  162. i would use a
    Helios 2 6-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    in the delta of the river kalamas at igumenitsa (greece) for european seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) .

  163. Helios 2 switch 8-weight 11′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex for fishing streamers on Inarijoki river Lapland (Finland) for salmon

  164. I would go to New Zealand and catch browns and bows with the Helios 2 4-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex!

  165. I would fish the coasts of Denmark for searun brown trout with the Helios 2 6-weight 9’6″ Fly Rod—Tip Flex

  166. I would use an 10 Ft. 8 Wt. Tip Flex and go up to Alaska and BC and try to get into some huge Steelhead.

  167. Helios 2 4-weight 7′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex
    Backpacking in the high Uintas of Utah
    for all species of trout

    1. Meant to say, Helios 2, 8 wt, tip flex; Ungava Peninsula of Nunavik, Quebec, Canada, Arctic Char

  168. 9′ 5 weight tip flex Helios 2. I would take it across Montana in search of a 26″ brown on a dry fly. Preferably with a baetis, PMD, or Trico.

  169. 9 foot 6wt, tip flex

    Mongolia! I would love the chance to watch the worlds largest trout inhale a big streamer. Taimen all the way baby.

  170. I would LOVE the Helios 2 8wt, 10 ft tip flex to chase the salmon in Alaska someday! Thats my dream!

  171. I would go with a Helios 2 6-weight 9′ Fly Rod.

    If I had unlimited budget, I’d go to Patagonia in Chile for big brown and rainbow while drinking good wine !

  172. 1.I would want to model 9 `4 #
    2 I want to go fishing in the Poland at San
    3 Fish for trout and grayling

  173. 9ft 7wt
    Pere Marquette, Baldwin, MI

    Maybe not my dream trip, but the one that I have coming up next. Been psyched for spring for a while over here. A new fly rod would make it that much better!

  174. After hearing so much about it from Tom on the podcast, I’d have to canoe the Batten Kill in Vermont for browns with a Helios 2 6-weight 9′ fly rod tip flex. The occasional brookie would be nice as well.

  175. I’d take a 7 wt 11 ft switch rod, for chasing spawning browns on the Missouri river in the Fall! (picturing a couple of spots I’d finally be able to reach, as I write this… 🙂

  176. I’d love to take the Saltwater 9wt to the Seychelles for giant trevally….would be my absolute dream trip!

  177. 1.I chciałby modelować Helios2 klasa 4 długość 9’/274cm akcja Tip flex
    2 chcę łowić w Polsce w San i Dunajec
    3 Ryby dla pstrąga i lipienia

  178. I would the Helios 2 12 weight.

    I would then hop on a plane to Costa Rica, and make my way east to Barra del Colorado or Tortuguero and jump Tarpon all day long. This might be cheating, but I’d then grab a bus to the west coast and go offshore and try for a billfish slam.

  179. Helios 2 6-weight 9′ mid flex. I’d hit up my local river, the Blackfoot, chasing down some big ol browns.

  180. 9′ 6wt mid-flex for tossing streamers to the stripers in Bull Sluice Lake on the Chattahoochee River.

  181. I would use the 3 weight 7’6″ rod
    in the river of Nuthe and surroundings in Brandenburg, Germany
    for the hunt of brown trouts and rainbows.
    This way I would escape the monotony of a typical working day, which gives me power to survive more working days.

  182. I would like to taken helios 2 freshwater tip flex in 5 ft. and 9′ length for a monster trouts in New Zealand. It’s my big dream and I hope that in the future I will be able to do it. I think about it every day…

  183. 9ft 8wt for Big Streamers
    11 day remote Float in Alaska-
    King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Chum salmon, Pink Salmon, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Pike! Might even be handy for Bear protection 🙂

  184. Easy! A monster 8.5/9 foot 12, or 14 wt and go for Arapaima in Brazil!

    However, I doubt I’d ever use such a giant rod after that, so I’d probably be just as happy with a 8’4″ 3 wt and go for some little brookies in NW Maryland!

  185. Helios 2 2-weight 6′ Fly Rod—Mid Flex
    Cherokee National Forest–Tennessee
    Native Brook Trout

  186. 8-weight 11′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex, fishing for atlantic salmon. I am going to Norway this summer and would love to try this rod there!

    I believe this one would be suitable for pike here in northern Finland as well.

  187. First place is Madeira – portugal island – place is soooo magical with crystal clear streams from magma rocks 🙂
    Second place is iceland of course 🙂 becouse it’s fly fishing heaven.
    But with this rod (helios 2 3# + dry fly) every stream is fly fishing heaven 😉
    Best regards

  188. 9′ 10wt- Musky on the Allegheny River downstream of Kinzua Dam.

    My 6 year old son is obsessed with Musky, every trout I show him he says ” Dad, when are you gonna catch a Musky!”

    Needless to say, I have my hands full trying to impress him!

  189. 9′ 9-weight.

    I’d go back to the Naknek river for king salmon. And when I got back home, Ceasars creek for Muskie.

  190. I would have a Helios 2 5 Wt Mid flex freshwater fly rod. I would spend a summer fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park Fishing for Yellowstone Cutthrought. That would give me plenty of time to fish the Firehole River and the Yellowstone River. Plus the Madison and Gallatin. I would just like to fish the Park every day.

  191. 9ft 8 weight tip flex. I would love to use it to chase pike in the lakes of northern Arizona. Looking for the over 40″ fish in a Arizona.

  192. Where would I fish: At Green Lake in the middle of Seattle, during the first session of my “Beginner Fly Fishing”
    Which species: Which species live in a lake in Seattle? Politically liberal carp, I think.
    Which Helios 2 model: Whichever one looks better than I will once I cast it. Oh. That’s all of them.

  193. I’d like a 9′ 5 weight to use with Dave and Amelia Jensen over in New Zealand when it’s way too cold in Alberta, Canada!

  194. Helios 2 11-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex would be great to tackle the monster salmon up here in Alaska. The feeling of a huge king salmon pounding away on my rod on the Kenai would be absolutely amazing.

  195. Helios 2 8’6″ 14 weight. I would take this fly rod to Papua New Guinea to fish for Niugini Bass. Although I know it would be tiresome, and maybe not even possible I would love to try.

  196. 1. Helios 2 freshwater tip flex in 5 wt. and 9′ length
    3.For big Marble Trouts and Rainbow Trouts.

  197. I would pack a 9 8wt Helios 2 in an old Winnebago for a two month extravaganza, cruising the coasts of the US, Carolina to Aaska, chasing anything that swims

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  199. I’d take a 8’4″ 2 wt. into eastern Oregon and northern Nevada…and stay until the snow started to pile up.

  200. I would choose the Helios 2 freshwater mid flex in 5 wt. and 9′ length. I would love to get up into Yellowstone and fish for some cutthroats!

  201. 7′ 4wt

    i’d go back in time to when my dad was still alive and fish for trout with him on the natchaug river

  202. I would have to go with a 5-weight 9ft mid flex to take up into the Sierras and try to find some golden trout.

  203. 9′ 6wt tip flex. Travelling around the western US with a motorhome towing my drift boat. Rainbows, browns, cutthroat.

  204. I would want the Helios 2 5-weight 8’6″ Fly Rod—Mid Flex, I would go to the Pyrenees in Spain and fish for trout, especially the Zebra trout!

  205. I’d go with Helios 9ft./9wt. tip flex to fish The New River in NC/VA for Musky (then I’d take it to SC for rojos in the salt marsh).

  206. Helios 2
    7wt 10′
    If I had unlimited funds and time I would love to take a trip to British Columbia. I would travel around fishing a variety of rivers and streams for huge steelhead, there would be nothing like it!!!

  207. I could definitely use a new Helios2 9ft 6wt mid flex for these smallies and largemouth bass here in Ohio! I chase em from the Maumee river up to Lake Erie.

  208. H2 4wt- I’d travel to Vermont. Slowly move through the mother ship and put myself in position to stalk the legendary giant rainbows of upper Perk pond… Landing them is the real challenge! Many have tried, few have succeeded!

  209. Helios 2 8-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex – Off to Newfoundland and Labrador to chase Atlantic Salmon the last week of May, oh the fights!

  210. I would love to go to the Belize bone fishing, But since that is not to likely I would Love to win a 4Wt Helios 2 to fish my local waters in CT.

  211. How about a Helios 2 in a 8 weight Switch Rod to chase Atlantic Salmon in Ireland and Scotland? I’m up for that.

  212. Helios2 9ft 8wt so I could cast Crazy Charlies for bonefish at the Bang Bang Club, Andros Island, Bahamas. The chance to meet the fly’s namesake would be amazing as well.

  213. I’m thinking an 8’4″ 3wt to chase native cutties all over western montana. I can’t think of a better way to spend the summer.

  214. I would choose a 9′ 8wt. Helios 2 to complete the final piece of my elaborate scheme – to fake my own death, disappear to the tropics, and become a saltwater fly-fishing bum! I’d set up shop somewhere in the Seychelles, and use the Helios 2 to pursue bonefish and other flats species. Think of it…no more ex-wife, no more IRS, no more student loans! Just me, a fly rod, and the company of a gorgeous island native. All I need is a Helios 2 to make my dreams come true!!

  215. 10 ft 4 wt. The dream is the south island of New Zealand, but with a 16 month old baby I am happy for any time that I can get on the water these days.

  216. 1: Helios 2 10-weight 9′ Fly Rod—Tip Flex
    2: Mongolia
    3: Big Taimen

    Also use the 10wt for Musky up in Boudler Junction, WI

    Ya gotta Go Big or Go Home!

  217. Coastal Georgia, 9 ft, 8 wt, and some big redfish with my dad. We’d finally have a chance to get a double on the fly

  218. 1) Helios 2 6wt 9′ Mid-flex
    2) As a homesick ex-pat, I would fish the rivers of Perthshire, Scotland – where I was first taught to fly-fish 15 years ago!
    3) The fishing would be for some feisty Brown Trout.

  219. Which Helios do I need? The one I plan to get next – the Helios 2 Switch, 7 weight-11′ Tip-Flex.

    I’d be fishing it mainly on the Chagrin River in NE Ohio, and a few other favorite rivers where bright chrome Steelhead will test it.
    I love the Helios line up!