Win the Helios 2 of Your Choice in Our Latest Sweepstakes!

Fishing season is in full swing here in Vermont, but we haven’t yet seen the big Hendrickson hatch we were all expecting and hoping for. So we’re going to try to jump-start the bug action by giving away a Helios 2 fly rod. (You know, good karma and all. . .)

Here’s how the contest works: All you have to do is use the widget below to tell us what your favorite fly rod quarry is, and you’ll be entered in the random drawing. One lucky winner can choose from among the array of Helios 2s–from a 2-weight to a switch rod.

You can double your chances of winning by subscribing to the Orvis Mailing list, too, using the same widget.

The contest runs through June 3, and one winner will be chosen at random to receive the Helios 2 of his or her choice.

Click here for the full contest rules.

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78 thoughts on “Win the Helios 2 of Your Choice in Our Latest Sweepstakes!”

  1. i broke my clearwater 2 days before a trip to our flats…and without asking, a store employee offers me a helios 2 for my trip as a loaner…great rod, better customer service.

  2. Absolutely amazing rod. I have fished one for almost a year now thanks to orvis and cant say enough about chasing large quarry with this super light rod.

  3. Growing up I’ve always wanted to purchase an orvis fly rod and reel I would see guys on the river using them and one day I think I was 17 I older gentleman allowed me to try his while he ate his lunch and I ended up hooking a brown trout and wow I was blown away. So now at 35 I purchased my first orvis helios 7 wt switch paired with a mirage and gentlemen whether or not I receive these 2 outfits I am so happy I waited so long to purchase a orvis product because I have a greater application for the quality and craftsmanship of this company

    Thank you orvis for helping me make my days on the river that much more enjoyable


  4. I need this in an 8 weight….please. it will serve double duty for river smallmouth and stalking bonefish.

  5. I own orvis fly rods 3 helios and a freequent flyer 7 piece
    All these are fantastic rods the 7 piece is with me where ever i go

  6. I need a rod for my son that has been saving his money to buy a Helios. He won’t take one of mine because he wants his own stuff. Would be nice to let him use his money for waders and other needs.

  7. Orvis fixed my old ‘trusty’ T3 4wt, after a broken tip. Even took a look at the grip and decided I needed a new one, all for a shipping charge. What other company would do that? Thank you, Orvis. Maybe I should pass this along to my grandson if I win this new Helios 2.

  8. I only had the funds to get the clearwater and not the Helios to use for steelhead. Overall I can’t complain about the clearwater so I can only imagine how smooth the Helios must be. If I end up winning the rod will get used a ton.

  9. I have an orvis green mtn rod I use a lot would like to have a helios but just don’t have the funds,Help a brother out.

  10. Love fly fishing to relax and get back in touch with nature! Small mouth bass from my kayak is my favorite 🙂

  11. Booked a private trip with a guide in Roatan and he had Orvis equipment. I was very impressed with the responsiveness and feel of the Orvis setup. If I had this in an 8 wt, I would take it to Alaska and fish for silver salmon from the bow of my brothers boat. It would give me a great excuse to go see him again. 🙂

  12. Just spent 10 days on the waters in PA.. Absolutely destroyed the trout with my Helios 2. Throws sinking line like nothing else!

  13. In 1976 I was fifteen and a fly fishing fanatic living in the very north of Sweden. One day I read in a fishing magazine about a whole new technique of building fly rod that a company in the US using, fly rods made of “graphit fiber”. Back then there were no internet, no websites and of course no email. Somewhere I managed to find post address to Orvis, wrote them a letter (supported by dad’s dictionary) and ordered my Orvis Little Creek. The rod is still in my collection, with a repaired tip, and will probably be inherreted by my son one day.

  14. Everyone I talk to tell me that the Helios2 makes a big difference in your fishing skills.
    I would love to experience that.
    A 9ft 6wt would do very nicely on the Pine Creek.

  15. I use a Superfine 7’6″ 4 wgt rod that fits me well when fishing small streams in NC mountains. The full action the rod has makes it very easy to fish all day using midges to wooly buggers without much effort. This year I would like to start fishing the coast for Reds and small Rock fish. I heard the Helios 2 is a sweet rod for this type of fishing and I would love to try one out.

  16. Not sure if this is where we add our preference of rod or not–but I’d be happy with a 4 wt. 7 ft. Mid flex or a 5 wt. 10 ft tip 🙂

  17. Fishing the Guadalupe for anything that bites makes my day! And I’m sure a Helios 2 would make it better!

  18. I dream about orvis helios rod since I saw first time the amazing video about second series of helios which showed to me totally different capabilities of fly fishing.Angler and fish becomes unity which merge each other with using this rod.I understood that it’s the future of fly fishing and I can be a good partner to dance for fishes.I’m sorry for all mistakes but my english is not good.Best greetings!

  19. I love chasing grass carp here in Conroe, TX definately the best fighting fish in the lake. They fight hard, are very spooky.. your presentation has to be PERFECT!..they also strip line like a freight train! 40+ pounders being common. Absolutely love stalking them in the shallows.

    Would love to have a Helios 2 in an 8wt#. Hope to work for Orvis one day.

  20. I’ve never fished any Orvis rods but have always been curious about the Helios line. Right now I fish Scott and Echo rods. Nice give away!


  21. I tested one of these Rods, I was toatly blown away by the lack of weight and pinpoint accurracy and presentation of the Fly. A 6wt. 3pcs H2 would be very nice. Thanks Orvis for the chance to win one.

  22. A new Helios2 5wt. and a Hatch “finatic” 5plus, if you would…please! I’m heading back to Montana!

  23. Have dreamt about throwing precision loops with a Helios 2 for a while. Need a quality 7 wt. to chase trophy browns in Arkansas.

  24. I was fortunate enough to have a close friend let me use his Helios while fishing in the Florida keys for bone fish and permit. Wow is the word that comes to mind when I think about helios gear…
    I’m in!!!!!

  25. I have been fishing with my grandpa’s old fenwick fly rod for quite some time and I must say it is a great rod. However, winning a new Helios 2 would be awesome. I need a 7 wt. to throw streamers!

  26. would love to get my hands on a new orvis rod, the newest for me is a 9′ 3weight Superfine called the “Silver Creek” love it

  27. Love chasing rainbow and Brooke trout. Lake lure and chimney rock in my home county has some great streams to practice on. This new rod would be a blast to use in the Davidson river too!

  28. Just bought a H2 5wt 10′, but could also use a new 6wt for bass fishing
    Cannot explain this to my wife, so need to win this rod;-))

  29. Fishing with a Helios 2 fly rod is what fly fishing dreams are made of. Smoooothest rod on the market.

  30. Guys, your customer support and warranty service outbeats all the industry, much obliged for all the help every single time it has been asked.


  31. My father was a fly fisherman in Southwestern Pa. on the Three Rivers. He taught my husband in my parent’s back yard how to use his fly rod,which he ended up giving my soon to be husband! The greatest joy in my life is that my husband has passed on the tradition of taking both of my sons and daughter camping and fishing where we live in NY currently. We have fished from the Ausable to streams in Roscoe, NY. My son now ties his own flies and is a big fan of your facebook page. He also takes his son and daughter camping and fishing, in a world where kids don,t often get to experience this great sport…I would love for my son Stephen to win this rod to carry on this generational love for fishing and the out doors!

  32. I`ve got a western series 6 wght and an orvis cfo iv, that I bought around 1985, I am very happy with both, but the ferrule on the rod has loosened up, and the 25 yr warranty is up, so I could use anew rod. I would even trade even for a helios 11, and include a rousing testimonial to all orvis products. That outfit has caught redfish, and blues in Fla., and numerous trout species and smallmouth bass in NH. Thank you, Orvis.

  33. About two years ago I chose to give up competitive judo due to a knee injury. Looking to find a new outlet for relieving stress in my life a co-worker suggested fly fishing. He brought his rod in (Helios) and I practiced out in the lawn with yarn for half an hour at lunch with him. I loved it, and the challenge in learning new techniques, reading a stream, etc. I purchased a rod of my own (entry level), but even at a beginning level I can tell the difference!! I would love the chance to upgrade to a Helios 2! I’m keeping my current rod to pass down to my son (when he is delivered this November!). Living in Arizona there is plenty of opportunity locally and a short flight away. The dream is Yellowstone with Helios 2!!!!

  34. Long time friend and avid fly fisher came out to RMNP for a visit and fishing trip. Brought his 5 diff Helios and let me borrow the 4 wt. WOW! What a difference compared to my Sage! I didn’t want to give it back all day & ended up landing some great trout that day. Still saving up to purchase a couple next year. Sure would be nice to have one in hand for this years salmonfly hatch!

  35. I love using a hopper dropper while swinging for trout and steelhead. One of my favorite experiences was on the McKenzie river last year when an 18″ rainbow hit my dry caddis and two smaller ones grabbed my two dropper nymphs. That made for three fish on at once and a heck of a wild fight. I somehow managed to land and release all three. Good luck and good fishing to all.

  36. Love trout fishing with my Orvis Clearwater and Access Rods. My Helios 9wt is great in Salt Water,casts like a dream…..used a Helios 2 10 ft 4 weight at Fisheads on the San Juan with Chris (owner) and the rod performed unbelievably, especially for getting the maximum drag free drift out of your cast. Great for nymphing and as well in the wind. Would love to get a new Helios 2 from Orvis in the contest!!!

  37. Grew up fishing carp, now fascinated by trout of all types. Helios 2 out of my price range. I’d love to try one.

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