Winter 2013 Issue of “Southern Culture on the Fly” in Online Now

The latest issue of the e-zine Southern Culture on the Fly has been released, and it contains all the killer stuff we’ve come to expect from David Grossman and Co. Those of us with non-fishing wives can learn a thing or two from Grossman’s trip to Bimini with the woman he so affectionately refers to as “the old ball and fish-hating chain.” (Although he clearly means it in a cheeky, loving way, I would advise against using that term within earshot.) There’s a great video about getting out on the water in winter, as well as step-by-step instructions for tying a great nymph pattern called the Shuck Norris. Matt Millner (who has appeared a couple times on this here blog) offers great nymphing tips, and there’s a cool feature on fly-fishing for sharks. All in all, it’s a solid read and a feast for the eyes. Nice work, guys.

Click here to read the new issue.

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