Women’s Fly-Fishing Round Table is Standing-Room-Only

Written by: Jackie Jordan and Kelly Buchta

Almost 60 people showed up to participate Saturday.
Photo by Jeff Yates

It was down to standing room only, with almost 60 female participants filling the conference room at The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, New Jersey over the weekend. The Future of Women Anglers forum was moderated by Women’s Initiative Coordinators Kelly Buchta (NJ), Jackie Jordan (VT), and Alicea Charamut (CT).

The high-energy, enthusiastic group was made up of women anglers, guides, outfitters, and volunteer staff from Trout Unlimited, Project Healing Waters, and Casting For Recovery. In the short hour, topics ranged from the high and low points women have experienced while out fishing, fly-fishing gear designed for women, the things we can do for each other whether new or experienced in the sport, female anglers who have made impacts in conservation and within the fishing community, and how we can continue the legacy and reach out to youth.

Kelly Buchta (left) with Jackie Jordan (right).
Photo by Lindsay Agness

Women across the U.S. are organizing retreats, outings, educational seminars, youth outreach programs and other events to build a community of women anglers who look to empower the next generation of fly fishers and clean water ambassadors.

For those who missed Saturday, a second discussion was held on Sunday with almost 40 participants in attendance. We are excited to move forward and are already planning next year’s session.

Alicea Charamut (left) with Kelly Buchta (right), leading Round 2 on Sunday.
Photo by Jeff Yates

Kelly Buchta is the Vice President NJ Northeast Region and NJ Women’s Initiative Coordinator | TU NJ State Council. Alicea Charamut is the Vice President Farmington Valley CT TU Chapter, Secretary CT State Council, and CT Women’s Initiative Coordinator. Jackie Jordan is the President Southwestern VT TU Chapter, VT Women’s Initiative Coordinator, and Associate Art Director at Orvis.

8 thoughts on “Women’s Fly-Fishing Round Table is Standing-Room-Only”

  1. I a so very proud of Kelly Buchta! I worked with Kelly while Principal at Emerson HS; she is one busy gal! Go Kelly! Nice job for the ladies!

  2. This gathering of women was inspiring, motivational and exciting!! Kelly, Jackie and Alicea thank you for stepping up and putting yourself out there. All the hard work is paying off. Next year…….a bigger room! To all the individuals who were there, today is a new day find someone or someway to make a difference in the sport we all love so much!

  3. There is a new larger room in 2015 for the over whelming response of sports women at the Somerset Fly Show. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend while speaking at the IFFF continuing Education event with 3 other professional women of the fly during this same time slot. Congratulations to the women’s forum event. I’m hearing rave reviews!
    I support you 110%!

  4. This is so exciting!! Great job! At the Chicago fishing expo this weekend, the Dun Magazine booth saw great excitement as well! Way to go!!

  5. Go get ’em, ladies. I have been a trout fisherman for sixty-seven years, and a T.U. member and officer for thirty-four years. I believe that people like Mary Weiss and Pat Tormey of Merrimack River Valley T.U. in New Hampshire, together with others such as those at at Croton Watershed in New York, are uniquely positioned to provide valuable contributions to the coldwater conservation movement. I wish you all the best of luck.
    Bob Morrison, T.U., Suncoast Fly Fishers, St. Petersburg, Florida, and International Federation of Fly Fishers

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