GIVEAWAY: Women’s Silver Sonic Waders

Last year, we introduced the new Women’s Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Waders. A process that took over a year, product developers worked with women in the Orvis offices and testers in the field. The result is what you’ve been missing all along: the perfect wader fit.

Women’s SIlver Sonic Waders were picked by Fly Fisherman editorial staff as one of the best new products for 2014, and won a 2013 Field & Stream Best of the Best Award, as chosen by editorial staff. Rebekka Redd says they are “as functional as they are comfortable,” and testers tell us they “feel like they’re made for me.” And of course – for the many female anglers here at Orvis, these are our go-to wader. We wear them. We fish in them. We trust them.

So to celebrate one year of Orvis Women’s Silver Sonic Waders, we’re sharing the love! Enter to win a pair using the cool widget below, which offers a couple ways to earn additional entries and increase your chance of winning. The winner will be announced Wednesday, February 5th. 

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122 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Women’s Silver Sonic Waders”

  1. The first adventure will be my wife opening these should I win, the second would be both of us casting over some rising cutthroats this summer in a tailout on the Yellowstone near Tower.

  2. I spend most days of the summer chasing grayling on the Chena and neighboring rivers in interior Alaska. Waders up here are survival gear, and I’d love a pair of the Silver Sonics.

  3. The last waders I wore made me look like a clown that ran away from the circus. I would love to look more like a lady!

  4. In the market for my first pair of waders…spring fishing in Jackson Hole would not be the same without representing Orvis!

  5. My first adventure would be winter fishing on the Swift River in MA! I would love nothing more!! Been shopping around for waders and most good ones are more than I can afford.

  6. I followed my best friend “Dan” to Missoula MT. He’s obsessed with fishing and desperately wants me to start fishing with him. I could really use a pair of Women’s Silver Sonic waders to keep my dry until wet wading season. ~Liz

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  8. I have a pair but if I win will give them to one of the female vets I work with In the Project Healing Waters program. I love mine by the way!

  9. My girlfriend would love a great pair of waders like these! She’s just getting into fly fishing and a comfortable angler is a happy angler.

  10. I really would love these for the battenkill River,don’t really want to wear my boyfriends old ones cause he got these waders new last year and loves them

  11. These would make a great addition to the items offered at our TU Fundraiser this spring. Hope I win some so I can donate them (I’m a dude so they won’t fit me)

  12. If I win I am going to get my husband to take me with him to fish the Bad Axe, when the season opens that is.


  13. Outstanding. I have so been waiting for these. 1st trip with these waders…Middle Fork of the Flathead…North of Glacier, Mt. Browns and Cutthroats abound.

  14. My first adventure in the waders if I win them?? Fishing in the Rockies… and taking my engagement photos, too!!! So excited to finally have a women’s fit!

  15. My first adventure … Craig, MT … outfishing all the boys and looking damn good in my new SUPER Silver Sonic waders!

  16. These waders would go great with my Orvis boots!! Maybe I can finally find a pair of waders that fit and I won’t have to wet wade anymore!

  17. Im so excited that there’s waders for women. I am petite I have never been able to find anything to fit. So I have always had to go without. ..Thanks so much for making it to where I will finally be able to stay dry as soon as I can get some I plan on it!!!

  18. Theses waders would be used for my many adventures in Montana this summer visiting my brother! The Madison, Gallatin and Yellowstone River!!!

  19. Thanks for the chance. I hope to wear them on a new river in the Pacific NW where I haven’t yet fished. So many to choose.

  20. My first adventure in my new ‘Women’s Silver Sonic Waders’ would be in beautiful Northern British Columbia as I fly out for another summer on the Skeena.

  21. Haven’t been able to find a pair of waders that fit so this would make it great to be able to stop wet wading. Lol

  22. These are a dream come true for someone who’s only 5 foot 1. I’ve been saving up giftcards in hopes of finally getting a pair.

  23. I would love to have a pair of Women’s Silver Sonic Waders! My waders work but I’d love to be wearing something with a more women’s specific design that fits my body better. The first adventure in them would be in my local creek and then I would take them up to the Ozarks. 🙂

  24. I am a big fisher woman, but I have yet to own a pair of waders. I would love the opportunity to win a pair. As I am a newly college graduate, I should have more time to learn how to fly fish and I think these would be extremely beneficial to help me start this journey!

  25. Can’t wait to get my wife into a pair of these, it will be a great reason to get her out on the water with me as soon as the weather warms up a bit!

  26. I’ve been trying to get my wife to regularly go fly fishing with me, unfortunately we’ve never found a pair of waders that fit her (to her standards), she’s been resigned to a pair of mud boots, and pretty small water. After fishing for 16 hours + this weekend an some pretty rough / hard to reach water, it’s looking like these might actually be able to save my marriage, or at least ensure she can hit some of the same water I’ve been going to over the winter!

  27. Standing side by side with my boyfriend in a creek and out fishing him in my Orvis waders! He would be pumped and I can’t wait! Thanks for the awesome women’s gear!

  28. My wife needs a new pair of waders desperately. We would break them in on some high mountain lakes in Utah in the search for brook trout!

  29. Glad to see Orvis making more women specific gear and so glad they are not pink. It will be the new attraction on the local trout waters this spring.

  30. I would give the waders to my girlfriend and hope that comfortable waders would get her on the river with me more. Our first adventure would be to a Western steelhead river.


  31. My first adventure will be convincing my wife to wear these. She tried fly fishing for the first time last year, but this would be taking it to the next level.

  32. I would love to have a pair of waders that actually fit so I can go fly fishing with my husband in the mountains of North Carolina and not be miserable.

  33. I would love my own pair of waders for my move to Colorado and so I can always join my boyfriend in the river, no matter what the conditions are!

  34. My wife always says my spare waders are not “flattering” and good for the camera. With these I think she’d be more likely to come out in the waders. First trip will be a steelheading trip in Northern Wisconsin to put them through their paces!

  35. I moved to Connecticut from Colorado and my first adventure will be on the water in NY state or CT. Primarily looking for some flowing waters where I can practice my back casting and get used to salt water fishing.

  36. Would love to win these cool wader, tired of wears my husbands old pair that leak. First adventure would be a steelhead trip down the Deschutes!!!!

  37. I have Orvis waders now… but with my new Silver Sonic Waders, I’d head straight for our spring creek! See you there!

  38. My first adventure would probably Salmon fishing in the river, either in Sacramento or Oregon or… maybe trout fishing or…

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