Your Happy Thanksgiving #MomentofChill

Here is today’s #MomentofChill, a from Trey Mullen of Brush Creek Ranch, which features a beautiful cutthroat trout gorging itself on mayflies. I hope you have the opportunity to do the same with family and friends today!

Cutthroat trout are known for their lazy takes, as they eat adult mayflies off the water’s surface. When a mayfly transforms from a nymph to a dun (or subimago), it cannot fly until its wings dry, so it is helpless for a brief period. Trout take advantage of the situation, gorging on the immobile insects.

* * *

From November 20 through December 25, pause and de-stress from the frantic pace of the holidays with a daily #MomentofChill—which may involve a frolicking puppy, a crackling fireplace, or the soothing ripples of an untouched stream.

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