Zach Matthews Interviews April Vokey

Over the last few years, April Vokey has become on of the more recognizable faces in fly fishing. Here’s a great interview with April by Zach Matthews of the Itinerant Angler. It’s pretty clear that she’s not just photogenic; she’s also a very serious angler and well respected guide. However, she’s very aware that she has also become somewhat of an angling “supermodel,” and she’s honest about the ramifications of that. If you like what you hear, check out Zach’s many other podcasts with people from all facets of the industry—from guides, to bamboo rod builders, to manufacturers, to authors. Lots to keep you busy.

Click here to go to Zach’s interview with April Vokey.

This is the second time that April has been interviewed on the Itinerant Angler. Click here for the first interview, from 2009.

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