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Podcast: What it takes to be an Upland Bird Hunter in the Southern Appalachians, with Christian Fichtel

Written by: Phil Monahan

Christian Fichtel shares spoils of victory with his partner.
Photo courtesy Christian Fichtel

Reid speaks with Christian Fichtel, manager of the Orvis store in Greenville, South Carolina. Christian is an avid southern grouse hunter and has spent years chasing birds throughout . . .


Photo of the Day: A Grouse with Finer Tastes

Written by: Matthew Nelson

Despite the many apples available, this grouse sought something different.
Photo by Matthew Nelson

This beautiful red-phase hen imparted an important lesson: The feathers around her beak and eyes were spotted and stained purple, presumably by the nearby clusters of red. . .


Photos: Getting Deep Into the Maine Grouse Woods

Written by: Matt Libby, Libby Camps

A floatplane is a great way to find untapped grouse woods in northern Maine.
Photo courtesy Libby Camps

The wingshooting in the North Maine Woods is in full swing. The guests are happy, the guides are happy, and the dogs are more than happy. Some lucky guests even get to fly out for a. . .