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1,000 Miles: Hayes Brook, post-Irene

Written by: Mark Taylor

The under-sized and somewhat squashed Hayes Brook culvert
Photo by Trout Unlimited

So many reconstruction projects throughout New England are linked to the record-breaking floods brought by 2011’s Tropical Storm Irene. The latest installment in the Orvis/Trout Unlimited 1,000 Miles Campaign is one such project….


Adding to the “1,000 Miles Campaign” on Wisconsin’s Douglas Creek

Douglas Before: Three perched culverts impeded movement of brook trout to upstream habitat
Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The fall of 2013 marked the completion of the Douglas Creek culvert replacement project, in Jackson County, WI, where three perched culverts had previously …


1,000 Miles Horseshoe Brook

Written by: Daryl Kenny

An Impressive Before & After
Photo by TU staff

Replacement of the Horseshoe Brook culvert in Stratford, NH is part of the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles campaign; an effort to restore and reconnect fish habitat across the country. The Brook is a tributary of Nash Stream, which was significantly impacted by a catastrophic dam break …


Salt River: Speeding Tickets and Collaboration

Written by: Cory Toye, director, Trout Unlimited’s Wyoming Water Project

Trout Unlimited installed a fish passage on this diversion barrier.
Photo courtesy TU

I get a speeding ticket almost every time I drive through the Snake River Canyon on my way to the Salt River basin in western Wyoming. I am not sure if it is the 55 mph speed limit or because I spend a lot of time watching the river below me work its way through walls of rock, big plunge pools, and. . .


The Orvis/TU 1000 Miles Campaign: Indian Ford Creek

Written by Darek Staab

The culvert on Indian Ford Creek was too smal and served as a barrier to fish moving upstream.
Photo courtesy Trout Unlimited

[Editor’s Note: Orvis is partnering with its customers in a matching funds grant, with a goal of $180,000 to reconnect streams like Indian Ford Creek by repairing faulty culverts throughout the U.S. This year Orvis is donating $90,000 in matching funds so that every $100 you donate will. . .


A 1,000 Miles Campaign Update from Idaho’s Pole Creek

Written by:  R. Chad Chorney

Steelhead must travel hundreds of miles to reach Pole Creek. TU and Orvis are helping to ensure
that these gorgeous fish reach their spawning destinations.
Photo courtesy TU

[Editor’s note: Here’s an update on one of many projects being funded by the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign.]

In Idaho, chinook salmon, steelhead, and bull trout have all been listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act. That’s the bad news.