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Classic Pro Tips: 3 Steps to Teaching Teens to Fly Fish

Written by: Will Lillard, Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions

Teens are among the hardest groups to engage in a new activity.
Photos by Will Lillard

Before I led Lillard Fly Fishing Expedition’s first teen fly fishing adventure, I sat down for a beer with TU’s Director of Youth Education, Franklin Tate. We talked about the success TU has. . .


Video Pro Tips: How to Detect Strikes When Nymph Fishing

Written by: Tom Rosenbauer

As a general rule, the distance between indicator and fly should be 1.5 times the water depth.
Photo courtesy Tom Rosenbauer

As hatches become fewer and farther between in the fall, most anglers will be fishing with subsurface nymphs or streamers. When you can’t see your fly, detecting strikes can be the difference between. . .


Pro Tip: How to Make a “Slinky” Sighter for Light Nymph Fishing

Written by: Tyler Befus

Fifteen-year-old Tyler Befus is already an astonishingly accomplished angler.
All photos courtesy Tyler Befus

The competitive anglers on the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team, along with our coaches, are always trying to develop new ways to fish more effectively and to catch more fish during our time on. . .


Tuesday Tips: The Basics of “Reading the Water”

Written by: Phil Monahan

The author casts to a spot that provides deep water, near cover, on the edge of good current.
Photo by Sandy Hays

Conventional wisdom says that 10 percent of fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish. Most people assume that these elite “10 percenters” enjoy so much success because of their superior . . .