Video: Grouse and Woodcock in the North Woods

Here’s a cool video by my friend Lisa Savard, filmed in the woods near Cabins at Lopstick, which she owns and operates with her husband, Tim. Living in the Connecticut Lakes region of far-northern New Hampshire, Lisa and her dogs have access to thousands of square miles of woods, but you can see that this is no walk in the park. The cover that grouse and woodcock prefer can be thick stuff, where it’s difficult to even get a shot at a flushed bird.

One thought on “Video: Grouse and Woodcock in the North Woods”

  1. Hi
    This message is for Lisa & Tim Savard. Viewed your Youtube on hunting woodcock and would love to join you in getting some video footage of hunting activities. Have a friend in Errol where I have done some filming. I have been producing wildlife documentaries for some 25 years and currently work on woodcocks and grouse. You can find some footage of mine if you google “woodcock video sample footage”. Will be going to northern Maine in May to film black bears and could stop by to see you. Look forward hearing from you. many thanks, Gerry

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