Video: Lunchtime Grouse Hunt in Vermont


One of the great things about having our offices located in the mountains of southwestern Vermont is that we have pretty much instant access to the outdoors. Last week, a few us of took a long lunch to chase grouse on a hillside behind my house. Orvis Rod & Tackle Manager Steve Hemkens brought his dog, Cayenne, and Eastern ELOG Coordinator Scott McEnaney brought Diesel and Ghillie. My friend Brew Moscarello, who owns Vew-Do Balance Boards, rounded out our party.

It was a little slow—we put up three birds but didn’t get off any shots—but the dogs performed well, it was a gorgeous day to be in the woods, and we all felt energized when we got back to work.

Grouse Hunt

Scott (left) and Steve prepare the dogs to enter a piece of cover that we call “the hot corner.”

photo by Phil Monahan

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