Enjoy Hunting and Fishing Longer: Stay Fit

Written by: John Rano, Gun Room Manager

As we get older, let’s say north of 55, how much more difficult is it to walk those New England hills during grouse and woodcock season, or to cast a 9-wt fly rod all day fishing for Atlantic salmon? Quite a bit, right?  

I am by no way trying to be the fitness police, but I feel what used to be easy is coming harder with each season; and each year I see it in fishing and hunting buddies who no longer get out to participate in the sport they love. It is a sad reality. It is not that they have lost their desire; they are just not physically able too wade a river or to walk with a 20 bore through the woods, due to their lack of physical conditioning. On the other hand, I know people in their late 70s and 80s who are still fishing and hunting because they do things to stay fit year round. I want to be one of those people who is still out in the field and on the water at 70 or 80, barring serious medical issues.

I don’t want to suggest a method for staying in good physical condition. I will leave that up to you and your health professionals as to what works for you. What I will suggest is finding a way to get exercise in the off season, actually all through the year, that will permit you to continue to spend many days in the field or on the stream. Without good physical conditioning, you will soon find that it is harder to participate in and enjoy your sport, as your body will not respond to the demands it takes to fish and hunt. Having both friends who can no longer accompany me and friends who seem as though they will be in the field or on the water forever, I will choose being among the latter.

Now I need to climb on my bike for my 12-mile ride. Good luck on this endeavor and I hope we meet in a grouse cover when we are in the fall of our years.



John Rano is the Orvis Gun Room Manager, an Orvis shooting instructor, and gunfitter for the Orvis Wingshooting Schools. You can contact John about New Orvis guns and consignment guns at : 802-362-2580 or ranoj@orvis.com or check out our line of shotguns at The Orvis Gun Room

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