Fascinating Browning Shotguns from the Orvis Gun Room

Written by: Greg Carpiniello, Orvis Gun Room Manager

The Orvis Gun Room—in the Manchester, Vermont store—is a shotgun-lover’s dream.

Whether you are selling or buying a consignment shotgun, the name Orvis stands for the highest quality in wingshooting gear, destinations, and shotguns. You can be sure that the Orvis Gun Room is your best opportunity to reach the right customer for your consigned gun. We currently have two very cool offerings that should appeal to lovers of fine shotguns.

This 20-gauge Browning BSS is one of the company’s fine Japanese-made models.

The 20-gauge Browning BSS has 26-inch barrels choked M/IM. This is a great field gun, weighing just over 6 pounds. The BSS were robust shooters built by Browning at their famed Miroku Plant in Japan between 1971 and 1988. These guns are often neglected by those who don’t know them and are closely guarded by those who do. They are particularly well balanced.

Featuring the work of famed engraver Felix Funken, this Superposed is a real gem.

The Browning Superposed Pigeon Grade 12-gauge has 30-inch barrels choked F/F. This is a special Belgian Browning that is engraved and signed by revered engraver Felix Funken, who was the Chief Engraver for Browning. He trained most of Browning’s other master engravers, and his work is highly collectible. This gun was manufactured in 1953.

If you are interested in either shotgun or would like additional information or photos, please contact Orvis Gun Room Manager, Greg Carpiniello, carpiniellog@orvis.com or 802-362-2580.

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  1. Interested in the Fabarm elos D2 , not sure I have the right shop, is there phone # I could call and ask questions

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