Finding the Right Gun Fit for Women Shooters

Written by: Megan Russo, Flatland Flyways

The author mounts the Syren Waterfowler, which is made to fit female hunters.
Photo courtesy Flatland Flyways

Here in South Dakota, we firmly believe that having a reliable and properly-fit gun is key, especially when that long-awaited flight of ducks or geese is cupped and finishing at your boot bags. Unfortunately, most women struggle to find an appropriate waterfowl gun built just for them, and instead they turn to a gun that is too big and awkward, or a simplified “youth model” that doesn’t quite fit the bill. Syren has changed all of that. Last month, I was fortunate enough to trial the Syren Waterfowler on clays, and I am convinced that this gun will be a game-changer here on the prairies.

With such a comfortable gun, Megan was able to focus on shooting, and her score improved.
Photo courtesy Flatland Flyways

The Syren Waterfowler cycles faster and smoother than comparable shotguns, but what I appreciated most in the gun was a women’s-specific fit and lighter-in-weight body that encouraged a better grip, all in a 3-inch 12-gauge package. As a result of these features, my shooting form improved significantly, and the overall experience of shooting was more enjoyable. I found the placement of the chamber button/bolt release on the left of the action was a bit of a hang-up at first, as I am more familiar with finding it on my right for a smoother transition with my right hand, but it took me very little time at all to adjust. In past experiences, I have had to forfeit proper form to compromise getting a shot off, but no more compromises with the Syren: I’m eager to capitalize on the opportunity for female guests to properly fit their body composition with this shotgun to fully embrace the ultimate waterfowl experience with us in South Dakota.

Megan Russo is the Marketing & Sales Director for Flatland Flyways, an Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Lodge in Hecla, South Dakota.

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