Guide Profiles: Jon Hubble (Central Texas)

The moment both man and dog have been patiently waiting for.
All photos by Premier Wingshooting

Orvis is a proud partner of select wingshooting lodges and outfitters across the country who share our passion for celebrating the adventure and wonder of nature. We created this series to highlight outstanding individuals who work hard to deliver the high-quality wingshooting experiences that clients have come to expect from Orvis-endorsed operations.

Jon Hubble began his hunting career at 9 years old, chasing quail on his family’s pastures in West Texas with a BB gun. He had free reign of the property at that age, so long as he stayed within earshot of his mom. Today, Jon is owner and operator of Premier Wingshooting in Central Texas, which has more than 3,000 acres of hunting grounds full of native grasses and dotted by rolling hills that he says really set them apart from the surrounding area. But his favorite hunt is still chasing scaled quail each year near his West Texas home in the historic Marathon/Alpine area.

John with his wife at camp.

When it comes to dog breeds, Jon likes both setters and cocker spaniels, finding it hard to choose between the precision and grace of the setter, and the sheer tenacity of the spaniel. He’s typically armed with an AYA side-by-side 28-gauge, which he prefers due its light carry weight, and the fact that his son has a matching version with a shorter barrel. And you’ll rarely find him without his Garmin Alpha 200 GPS unit, which allows him to toggle between different dogs at the push of a button.

Jon and his son have spent a lot of time practicing recently.

His 10-year-old son recently managed to shoot his first bird on the wing, after practicing long and hard to be able to shoot on the flush. Even after so many years of wingshooting, that day stands out as one of the best. Jon also shared one of his worst days with us, when one of his best cocker spaniels got into a porcupine on a blue quail hunt, and it took two grown men to hold that little 35-pound dog down and pick out all the quills.

Jon Hubble is owner and operator of Premier Wingshooting in Lometa, Texas.

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  1. Anyone who has had the pleasure of bird hunting with Jon Hubble should not be surprised by his fine reputation as an accomplished Orvis endorsed operation. Jon is a high character individual and wonderful family man in addition to being an upland bird aficionado.

  2. Leaving for a quail and pheasant hunt in Iowa tomorrow morning…wish I would have known about Premier Wingshooting sooner. I’m from Houston but spend most of my time at our country place in BeeHouse not far from Adamsville. Look forward to visiting your place soon. Roland

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