Hunt Pheasants in South Dakota with Tom Brokaw!

Tom Brokaw and Tami Nelson of Paul Nelson Farm.
Photos courtesy Paul Nelson Farm

A South Dakota childhood all but ensures an affinity for the outdoors. For Tom Brokaw, that affinity took root in the ditches and overgrown fencerows of his home state, and remained a constant throughout a storied and far-reaching career. In retirement, Mr. Brokaw found more time for those interests that were born on the prairies, that sustained and balanced a life in the newsroom: fly-fishing, dog training, clay target shooting, and of course pheasant hunting. In recent years, he’s made it common practice to return to the places of his youth to chase roosters through the autumn corn stubble and milo.

In light of Mr. Brokaw’s authentic passion for South Dakota and its pheasants, Orvis is thrilled to have partnered with him and wife Meredith in offering a unique couples’ experience. From September 5-9, the Brokaws will join Orvis Gun-fitter John Skinner, Orvis Wingshooting Services Manager Reid Bryant, and Orvis Fly-fishing Instructor Kimberly Bryant to host a getaway at Paul Nelson Farm in Gettysburg, South Dakota. This trip intends to provide couples with both a singular sporting experience and a unique opportunity to spend some time with an iconic figure; alongside the Brokaws, all will have the chance to celebrate some fine shooting, some epic bass fishing, and what is widely considered the best pheasant hunting that the world has to offer.

Paul Nelos Farm offers unparalleled hunting for wild pheasants.

Paul Nelson Farm is a family-owned and operated hunting lodge located just east of the Missouri River, not far from the small town of Gettysburg. It is a region and a landscape that harkens back to Tom Brokaw’s childhood, where cackling pheasants boil out of crop fields, and bass fill the farm ponds. With the added benefit of luxury accommodations, gourmet food, and all the comforts, couples can celebrate the Midwest alongside the Brokaws, and find all the magic of the Midwest, and some fine hunting to boot!

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