Top 10 Rules for Opening Day of Dove Season

Written by: Jennifer Miller, Greystone Castle

Dove season is almost upon us. Are you ready?
Photo courtesy Greystone Castle
  1. Make sure your hunting dog is fit and ready to work. After a summer off, some might not be as excited to return to the fields as you are!
  2. Make sure you have the correct ammo for your shotgun. While trying to load a 20-gauge with 12-gauge ammo just won’t work, accidentally loading a 12-gauge with 20-gauge ammo could be a disaster.
  3. And while we’re talking about ammo, make sure you bring a plug for your shotgun. Three shells is the max you are allowed to load for most dove hunts.
  4. Check your license and hunting-lease paperwork. Trespassing is not a fun charge and neither is hunting with an expired license or the wrong tags/permits.
  5. Be able to identify the species you are hunting. Not only do you want to avoid being the butt of jokes, but some local birds are illegal to shoot!
  6. Stay hydrated in the field. Do not consume alcohol until the guns are put away!
  7. Comfort in the field is very important. Don’t forget your stool! No one wants to stand for four hours waiting for birds.
  8. Bring a bird bag to keep your bird pile off the ground. Fire ants move in fast, and you don’t want them to ruin your birds.
  9. Always clean up your trash. A litterbug won’t be invited on the next trip.
  10. Have fun!

Jennifer Miller works at Greystone Castle Sporting Club, in Mingus, Texas.

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