Orvis Hunt Book Instagram Photographer V: Joelle Rickard

Here’s the winners’ spread from the Orvis Fall Hunting Book

As we were putting together our new digital hunting book a few months ago, we realized it was missing something – the photos and stories of our fans and customers in the field. So we put the call out on Instagram asking for your wingshooting photos that captured your hunting experience. The result was hundreds of photos entered, with a dozen chosen to be in the book. We love how the spread turned out and wanted to do more to tell the stories of the people behind the photos. So watch this space for profiles of these intrepid photographers, as well as examples of their work

Our fifth photographer is Joelle Rickard, from Colorado. Her winning photo was taken while photographing her dad and his hunting buddies in the field.

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What’s the story behind your photo that’s in the Orvis Digital Hunt Book?
I love photography, and my dad wanted me to come hunting with him and take pictures of him and his friends as a Christmas present. The pictures turned out great, and I seemed to have an eye for interesting sporting shots. Previously, I photographed my mountain climbing/hiking dog, but now I have expanded into bird hunting, fly fishing, rock climbing, and food photography.

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When did you start bird hunting?
With my dad and brother about four years ago, but I am much better at shooting photos than shooting shotguns. I can put down some cans with a handgun, however!

What’s your favorite species to chase and why?
Pheasant, the most beautiful bird on earth.

#orvishunting #birddog #orvisdog #mylifeoutdoors #pheasanthunt

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What’s your most memorable bird hunting moment?
Once, I captured a picture of two pointers and a chukar, all in one frame. Fabulous shot and timing.

What’s your most forgettable moment?
Same moment as above: Dad missed the shot from five feet.

#orvishunting #birddog #orvisdog #mylifeoutdoors #pheasanthunt

A photo posted by @joelles_sportphotos on

What do you love most about bird hunting?
Walking outdoors, dogs and the equipment. It’s amazing how a box of shells and a pair of gloves can create a great photo!

Where’s your favorite place hunt?
Kiowa Creek Sporting Club in Colorado.

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