Orvis Teams with Georgia Pellegrini for an Amazing Women’s Adventure Getaway

Over the past decade, Georgia Pellegrini has made quite a name for herself as a chef and an outdoorswoman. Her 2011 book Girl Hunter combined these passions and introduced a new audience to the joys and thrills of the outdoors and the sporting world. This September, Orvis and Pellegrini will combine forces host an amazing Women’s Adventure Getaway at Brush Creek Ranch and Spa in Saratoga, Wyoming.

Pellegrini, author of the books Girl Hunter and Modern Pioneering, teaches outdoor skills for women, such as bird hunting and fishing, with a fun and modern approach. As she sees it, “Self-sufficiency is the ultimate girl power.”

“There is a lot that I love about the Adventure Getaways that I’ve been doing over the last two years, but my hands-down favorite thing is watching women come together from across the country, meet each other for the first time and leave at the end of the experience as lifelong friends,” Pellegrini said. “I have been amazed to see how many different types of women have had a desire to come on these adventure trips with me, from all age ranges, to experience life more viscerally and challenge themselves to experience new things.”

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The Women’s Adventure Getaway at Brush Creek Ranch and Spa is open to women with all experience levels, from neophytes to seasoned veterans of the outdoors, and will feature authentic active outdoor adventure and learning. Expand your limits and step outside your comfort zone. Whether you’re interested in learning how to shoot a shotgun—or how to shoot better—or how to catch trout with a fly rod, you’ll find great instruction and ample opportunities to practice your new skills. One day features a cast-and-blast schedule that includes a Euro driven cliff shoot.

And when you’re not working toward becoming a better outdoorswoman, you can enjoy other activities such as hiking, biking, and yoga.

Pellegrini’s approach to hunting, fishing, and food represents a return to the natural order of things, which can be incredibly empowering.

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