Orvis Turkey Pool Update #2: The Ecstasy and the Agony

Scott McEnaney’s bird dislodged Reid from the top spot.
Photo by Scott McEnaney

Last week, we introduced our 2014 Orvis Turkey Pool Contest, in which you get to vote for the hunter you believe will take top prize this year. One hunter, Reid Bryant, scored on his first morning in the woods. Since Reid is new to the area, he had been expected to struggle a bit. Believe it or not, on the second day of the season, he did it again!

But, it turns out that Scott McEnaney had also been successful in the woods on Friday, and Reid was bumped from the top of the leader board. His dismay is reflected in his second poem about the Turkey Pool:

I’m Reid Bryant and I’m Out…

You guessed it, he did it again.
And not with a Jake or a Hen.
It was a 19 lb. corker,
And fat as a porker,
Now we separate boys from the men… (sorry Jody and Heather)

Reid was feeling all woods-wise and brainy.
A hunter on par with Dick Cheney,
But when the standings came in,
A frown twisted his grin,
He’d been ousted by Scott McEnaney!

But lest you feel bad for your chum.
Don’t worry for Reid, he’s not glum.
If a guy beats his boss,
His career is a loss.
Reid may look it, but he’s not that dumb.

The competition is still wide open. So go vote!

Reid Bryant’s second bird in two days has cemented his reputation for the future.
Photo by Reid Bryant

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