When It Comes to Turkey Hunting, Proving Naysayers Wrong Is a Powerful Motivator

Written by: Scott McEnaney, Eastern ELOG Fishing Director

The author with a fine Vermont Tom.
Photo courtesy Scott McEnaney

[Editor’s note: Here’s a great story from our colleague Scott McEnaney to kick off our 2014 turkey-season coverage. Check out our new Spring Turkey collection at orvis.com.

I am one of those people who tends to immerse himself in something once I start it. I got a taste of turkey hunting from a friend who took me out on a mid-May morning. He put about five jakes in front of me and I was paralyzed. From then on, I was ruined.

I spent all of my waking hours scouting, walking, snowshoeing, knocking on doors asking permission, and even…calling. I listened to CDs, I watched videos by YouTube “experts,” and I sought advice from friends. I was bound and determined to. . .

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Photos: An Ice-Out Leads to Hot Duck Hunting

Written by: Andrew Pierce, Orvis Adventures Marketing Manager

Andrew Pierce poses with their haul, as Cece proudly sits in the background.
Photo by Jon Ams

Saturday morning was awful. We got up at 3:30a.m. and headed north to a new spot on Lake Champlain in upstate New York. . .only to find the boat ramp and bay completely iced in. Panic set in, and we hauled to the two nearest boat ramps, where we found the same story. (“Nearest” is a relative term, since the ramps were all about. . .

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Video: The Perils of Scouting for Ducks in Florida

Former Orvis Chairman Leigh Perkins was out scouting for ducks near his home in the Florida Panhandle, when he encountered the kind of obstacle you don’t find much in Vermont during duck season. . .or any season.

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Orvis Grand Opening: Plano, TX – Special Offer!

Reel Recovery’s Texas State Coordinator Mike Emerson (center) poses with (from left) RR’s Tyler Cloes and Jim Kelly, Orvis’s Paul Range, Jaimie Mercer, Trey Mullen, and Andrea Berumen during last night’s VIP Event.
Photo courtesy Andrea Berumen

We had a wonderful time celebrating our new Orvis Plano retail location at our VIP event last night, but the fun doesn’t stop there – JOIN US THIS WEEKEND for our Grand Opening Event – click “Read More” for details, directions and special offers!

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Photos of the Day: Lower Brule Pheasants

Written by: Paul Range, Orvis District Manager-Retail

Orvis District Managers Paul Range (left) and TJ Roy pose with the spoils of a great hunt.
Photo courtesy Paul Range

My fellow District Manager, TJ Roy, and I had a great pheasant hunt on the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Dakota last week. Public land and. . .

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