Podcast Interview: State of the Union – Waterfowl Edition with Ducks Unlimited

Brett Ference interviews Ducks Unlimited‘s Senior Communications Specialist and Producer of DU TV Mike Checkett about the status of the northern prairie region, breeding and population for 2012, effects of the drought and super storms on waterfowl habitat, predictions for the 2012 and 2013 waterfowl season and how you can get involved helping waterfowl and why it is important to everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Ducks Unlimited is the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.

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Announcing the First #OrvisHunting Instagram Contest Winner!

The winner! Photo by @mwillits53: “Malta Montana duck hunt from this fall. #orvishunting”

We absolutely loved seeing all the pictures portraying the joy of hunting season on Instagram, and we’re thrilled to announce our winner, @willits53! The photographer says “I think it will be an all time favorite of mine,” and we can certainly see why …

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Photo Essay: Upland Birds and Waterfowl in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Hunt

Covering a point in Saskatchewan.

photo courtesy Dave Brown

Each fall, I trade in my drift boat and fly rods for my 12 pointing dogs and two Labs, and I head up to what many consider the gray partridge Mecca of North America: Saskatchewan. The season always starts the same, as the Dogs and I get in the groove of long walks across native grass intermixed with agricultural fields of wheat, canola, peas, and lentils—high protein foods for the Huns and sharptails that . . .

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Podcast Interview: Prepare for Your Next Trip like a Pro

Brett is joined by Orvis Vice-President of Rod & Tackle, Jim Lepage and learns how to plan like a pro for his next hunting trip. They discuss everything from knowing local regulations to meal planning and how to plan for your dogs’ needs, too.

Got a question for the show? call us at (802)362-8802.

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Photos of a Gorgeous November Grouse Day

Grouse Hunting with Steve and Cayenne

That is one pround dog and a beautiful grouse.

photo by Phil Monahan

On Saturday morning, Orvis Rod & Tackle merchandising manager Steve Hemkens showed up with his field-bred Springer, Cayenne, to hunt the grouse cover behind my house. For those of you who have never chased ruffed grouse through the northern woods, this is a pretty labor-intensive affair. However, we got off to a great start: the very first piece of cover produced. . .

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Great Deal: Shooting Instruction at Orvis Sandanona

Sandanona on Gilt City

Click here to go to GiltCity.com

Gilt City is offering a great deal for Shooting Instruction at Orvis Sandanona, located in Millbrook, NY. You can choose between two people ($199) and four people ($299). If you’re new to Gilt sales, all you have to do is click here and then click “Become a Member” (it’s free). Then click “Buy,” and you’re on your way!

This is the kind of sale I can really get behind. Having spent two days at Sandanona Shooting grounds recently, I can tell you with authority you WILL have fun here. Whether you’re a complete novice (me), or an expert, the staff here will get you out there having a blast, and improving your shooting in no time.

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Photo Essay: Upland Hunting East of Great Falls

Simon MT 6

Els and Chad plan their approach to a wide-open stretch of grass.

All photos by Simon Perkins

My office today looks a lot different than my “office” last October. That’s because this fall I am saddled up to a desk next to Mr. Phil Monahan (notorious editor of orvisnews.com), whereas last year I was walking the rolling hills of central Montana every day with my bird dogs, as we guided hunters for sharptail grouse, Hungarian partridge, and pheasants. Although I love my new job (and my new office neighbor), I missed Montana and had to. . .

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