Video: Grouse and Woodcock in Northern New Hampshire

If you’ve never pushed through thick brush chasing grouse and woodcock, this video really captures the experience. My friend Lisa Savard (with whom I went to middle school back in the day) guides a hunter, following her Brittanys, Dee, Jack, and Puyear. The woods near Pittsburg, New Hampshire—where Lisa’s Lopstick Lodge is located—are unforgiving, as you’ll see. From thick brush to water hazards to. . .

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Shooting Tips: Proper Set Up, More Broken Targets

open shotgun

Many shooters I have worked with recently have had problems with consistency. Many of these problems can be easily corrected by paying attention to your set up or pre-shot routine. Here are some tips to remember for proper set up and improved shooting.

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Picture of the Day: Product Testing in the Office

Tyler BLind

Tyler Atkins, a Control Buyer for Orvis Rod & Tackle and Hunting, tests the comfort of a new duck blind.

photo by Sam Brown

Product testing can be tough work, involving long days in the field, sometimes in awful weather conditions. But not always. Here’s an example of Orvis’s Tyler Atkins testing out a new model of duck blind at the Orvis HQ in Vermont. According to Tyler, “The zipper door made for quick access to my

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Slideshow: Late-Season Lunchtime Grouse Hunt in Vermont

Grouse Huntin in Vermont

The grouse on the side of my Orvis Uplander were the only ones that didn’t fly away that day.

photo by Tim Bronson/468 Photography

As my last post made clear, I’m ready for summer to be over, because fall in Vermont is my favorite season. Today I ran across a bunch of photos by my friend Tim Bronson from last December.

I was heading out on a lunchtime grouse hunt, and he offered to come along and shoot some photos. I happen to have borrowed an Orvis Uplander over/under from Gun Room Manager John Rano and had a new. . .

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Video: Ducks, Dogs, and Snow

DUCK HUNT from Ioda Media on Vimeo.

After spending a half hour outside under the the blazing August sun, I thought about how I can’t wait until fall. That made me think of hunting season, of course, and my desire to do more duck hunting. When I got back to my desk, I found this great video, which captures the glory of a frigid morning spent crouched among the reeds, waiting for flights with the dog at your side. Only a few months now. . .

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Video: Great Quail Action at Longleaf Plantation

Longleaf Plantation Spotlight – World of beretta from longleaf plantation on Vimeo.

Here’s a great episode of the TV show “The World of Beretta,” featuring actor Gerald McRaney and NASCAR driver Ward Burton shooting quail at Longleaf Plantation in Mississippi. There’s a good focus on the conservation end of the equation, as well, but I really enjoy watching the dogs go on point. And Longleaf looks like some spectacular Deep South countryside.

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Video: Epic Western Pheasant Hunt

I stumbled on this wonderful pheasant-hunting video today. I don’t know anything about it, but I watched it twice in a row it’s so good. Enjoy! Only a few more months until bird season!

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Picture of the Day: Double Gun and Triple Quail

Highland Hills Ranch

What could be better than taking this trio of valley quail with a classic double gun?

photo courtesy Highland Hills Ranch

The hunting off-season is a great time to have your gun serviced. Whether you are the “send it back to the factory” type or you have access to a competent gunsmith, now is the time to have your favorite firearm(s) cleaned, repaired, and altered. Gunsmiths are usually not as busy, so turnaround time will be shorter. Knowing that your shotgun is in. . . Read More

Wingshooting Dream Team Comes to Sandanona June 7 & 8

Orvis Sandanona Shooting Grounds Clay Breaking Sessions

Improve your form and accuracy with lessons from a shotgunning “Dream Team.”

photo courtesy James Ross

People throw around the term “Dream Team” all the time, but the members don’t always live up to the billing. Next month, however, Sandanona Shooting Grounds will host the shotgunning equivalent of the 1992 Olympic Basketball team for the 7th Annual Shotgun Classic. Six of the greatest shooting instructors in the game today will come together for. . .

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