Hunt Pheasants in South Dakota with Tom Brokaw!

Tom and Meredith Brokaw are hosting a great week in South Dakota.
Photos courtesy Paul Nelson Farm

A South Dakota childhood all but ensures an affinity for the outdoors. For Tom Brokaw, that affinity took root in the ditches and overgrown fencerows of his home state, and remained a . . .

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Video: “Bird Hunter” by Black Fly Eyes

Here’s a gorgeous video about a winter bird hunt in the mountains of Norway, featuring some beautiful dogs and stunning scenery. The shot of the dog putting up the grouse is something . . .

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Podcast: Puppy Training with Jerry Ray Cacchio

Photo via facebook

In this episode, Reid and his friend Jerry Ray Cacchio discuss puppies, highlighting tips on socialization, foundation training, establishing boundaries, and the introduction of birds and . . .

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