Photo Essay: “Girls with Guns” at Sandanona

The group (minus Judy Wachala) poses on the porch at the Sandanona Clubhouse
Photo by Heather Clausen

Back in June, Orvis Adventures’ Jody Frederick sent out an email to female associates here at HQ asking if we’d be interested in a ladies’ trip to Orvis Sandanona Shooting Grounds. Having been hooked during the 2-Day School I took a year ago, my answer was: “INNNNNNN!”

This was my best trip to Sandanona yet. It was inspiring and energizing to embark on the adventure with thirteen other women from departments across the company on what some might consider a traditionally male pursuit.

Stacy Pobatschnig, Rose Smith, Jody Frederick, and Monica Finan pose with trapper Mitchel.

Judy Wachala, Jackie Jordan, Jaimie Mercer, Andrea Berumen, and the author pause for a photo at the “Settlin Woodies” station.

Rose Smith, Jody Frederick, and Stacy Pobatschnig look on as Monica Finan takes her turn.

Stacy Pobatschnig, Monica Finan, and Jody Frederick relax on the porch.

During our excellent lunch, Rod & Tackle Merchandise Coordinator and Analyst Christine Penn convinced me to invest in the new Women’s Clays Vest. It made for a nice souvenir for the day, and a great excuse to plan more trips. Fortunately, I won’t have to wait too long – the Orvis Sandanona Game Fair & Country Sporting Weekend will take place September 21st and 22nd. You know I’ll be there. Thank you to each participant AND to the wonderful staff at Sandanona – it made a for a fantastic and memorable day!

Andrea Berumen

Christine Penn

Elizabeth Ferson

Erin McEnaney

Glenda Boyer

Jackie Jordan

Jaimie Mercer

Jody Frederick

Judy Wachala (this was Judy’s first time shooting … she’s already an old pro).

Kristin Comeau

Monica Finan

Rose Smith, the CLEAR champion of the day!

Stacy Pobatschnig

The author (trying my best!)

3 thoughts on “Photo Essay: “Girls with Guns” at Sandanona”

  1. We loved having all of you ladies visit and look forward to seeing at least some of you in a couple of weeks. it is always exciting to put names and faces together for our friends in Vermont. Hope to get up to visit you one day.

  2. What a great way to spend the day! It has been a number of years since I have done this, but I still remember the thrill of it!

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