Photo of the Day: A Proud Day

Photo by James Marshall.

Orvis customer James Marshall and his five-year-old British Labrador Retriever had a banner day hunting pheasants near Seneca, South Dakota. Mr. Marshall snapped this epic photo of Samantha and all the birds she found to commemorate the experience. Here’s to many more days in the field for Sam!

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: A Proud Day”

  1. What did she do with all the pheasants? Why kill them if you don’t need them.
    I am concerned about needless killing of animals and fowl for sport . Does Orvis use animal skins for some of their clothing? Where does the cashmere come from?

  2. Adrienne – do you eat chicken ? My family does and the birds are weekly additions to our table. On the needless killing – for every acre of cotton , how many birds and rabbits are displaced ? Cashmere is a renewable resource. And has helped mankind survive .

  3. Ms Manning, every responsible hunter consumes what he/she shoots. If they do not, they provide the harvested game to one or another of the Hunters for the Hungry programs. Everyone I’ve ever hunted with demonstrates far more respect for the game they harvest than anyone I know do for the chicken/beef/turkey/ham/lamb/fish they buy at their local grocery store. Hunters do as much or more than any other group to promote conservation of wildlife and wild places. And on the subject of cashmere, Mr. Marshall was too much the gentleman. Cashmere comes from a particular breed of goats. The goat is sheared, much like sheep are sheared for wool. You ought to do a little research before you’d assumed the worst.

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