Photo: The Joys of Introducing Others to Turkey Hunting

Written by: Simon Perkins, Orvis Adventures

Frazier Blair (left), Els Van Wort, and little Pippa admire the morning’s trophy.
Photo by Simon Perkins

Nothing really compares to hunting turkeys in the spring….besides introducing it to others and watching them experience it for the first time. The other day, I wandered into the woods at 4:45 am with two first-time rookies—Els, my wife, and Frazier, a friend and Orvis colleague—and my five-month-old daughter, Pippa. We had told several people about our plans the day before, and I don’t think many of them thought we stood much of a chance of experiencing anything beyond an early morning nature walk. (I couldn’t really blame them, since I had been unsuccessful hunting by myself so far this season and the experienced turkey hunter would tell you that adding such an entourage does not do anything to increase your chances.)

Three hours of hiking, two diaper changes, and hundreds of turkey calls later, our luck changed as we neared the end of the hunt. I heard a gobble far off. Els hunkered down with Pippa, Frazier and I found trees to prop ourselves against 50 yards away, and I starting clucking. Before long, three different gobbling birds were approaching us from two different directions. I managed to not mess it up, and Els, Frazier, and Pippa got to experience quite a show.

I don’t think I will ever forget a single detail from that morning, especially the looks in the eyes of Els and Frazier as they experienced the natural world on that intimate level, as well as the pure unadulterated joy that Pippa showed being out in the woods on an adventure with her mom, dad, and friend.

It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Simon Perkins is the Senior Manager of Orvis Adventures and Hunting.

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