Photo: Three Generations Hunt Upland Birds for the First Time Together

Written by: Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson, Brooks Nelson, Terry Nelson (l to r) enjoyed an amazing three-generation day hunting birds
Photo courtesy Paul Nelson Farm

I just wrapped up a hunt at Paul Nelson Farm (no relation); what a day to remember. I am attaching a photo of my Dad, Terry, and my 12-year-old son Brooks. Brooks passed HuntSAFE in July this year, the same week he turned 12. And, after spending two years upland hunting as Brooks’ mentor hunter, I knew this year would be special, for we could shoot side by side.

To make this “Opening Day” hunt unforgettable, everything aligned, and we went to Paul Nelson Farm. And as I walked field after field, it was awesome to be flanked on each side by the 60-years difference in age between my son and my dad. At the end of the day, our barrels were warm, the laughs, smiles and memories everlasting, and our basket bountiful with a “Full Pull.”

I could detail the day field by field, shot by shot with clarity, as we shouted “Rooster! “Hen!” and “Chukar!” countless times. Yet the finest words I heard all day, came in three different forms:

“I got that one Grandpa!”

“This is so much fun!”

“Thanks dad for bringing me here.”

I wish everyone could experience this kind of day for themselves.

I wanted to share this photo in hopes our experience inspires another sportsman to bring his three generations or his kids to Paul Nelson Farm.

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