Photos: A Christmas Day Hunt

Reid and Collins take a break below a good piece of cover.
Photos by Phil Monahan

I’m lucky enough to live in a spot where I can gear up and walk right out my back door and into the grouse woods, and it’s become my tradition over the past few years to spend an hour or so of Christmas afternoon chasing partridges. I only go out after the kids have opened with and played with all their gifts and they’re starting to wind down.

This year, my friend Reid Bryant, Wingshooting Services Manager and Product Developer for Orvis Adventures, joined me. His dog, Collins, was pretty excited when we walked into the woods, but despite his best efforts, we saw no birds. That in no way detracted from a lovely time traipsing through beautiful Vermont woods on a bizarrely warm Christmas Day, and I plan on doing it again in 2015.

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