Photos: A Western Shooter’s First Woodie

Written by: Phoebe Bean

The author’s first wood duck marked the end of a stretch of tough hunting.
Photo by Phoebe Bean

The first week of duck season in the East was, by my Western standards, slow. Early morning wake-ups, cold fingers, and drenched gear from the occasional rain storm had offered no reward. Over the weekend, however, my luck changed.

Dave Perkins, Andrew Pierce, Jon Ams, and I hunkered down in a special spot, and when shooting time came around, ducks were everywhere! Andrew and Dave did an excellent job of calling them in, and their efforts were not in vain. Everyone shot at least one bird, and I bagged my first wood duck. Cheers to a great day! Looking forward to what next weekend holds.

Phoebe Bean is an intern for Orvis Adventures.

The morning’s bag made getting up before dawn worth it.
Photo by Phoebe Bean

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