Photos of the Day: A Friendly Ruffed Grouse

Burr Sprague
All photos by Mary Sprague makes contact with his pet grouse for the first time this spring.

Mary Sprague—one of the most beloved Orvis employees of all time, who worked at the company for 50 years—is retired now, but she sent in these great photos of her husband, Burr, and his pet grouse (or “patridge,” in local parlance). Mary writes:

We have had a partridge hanging around for the past several summers and it’s drawn to the noise of the 4-wheeler. Burr had it out yesterday for the first time, and the bird came out. Last spring when I was first out in the garden, and it appeared, I thought it was cute, until it got aggressive.

Hmmm. I wonder if the bird is jealous of Mary.

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