Pick Your Favorite in the 2014 Orvis Turkey Pool for a Chance to Win Serious Hunting Gear!

Scott McEnaney tied with Jordan Smith in last year’s competition.

Turkey time is special here at Orvis. We run out at lunchtime to scout for strutters in the hayfields; diaphragm calls rattle with the loose change in our pockets; and we become tight-lipped about our comings and goings and why we’ve worn muddy rubber boots to the office.

May will be an interesting month for us. The office will likely be empty until 9a.m., and email responses will be slow in coming. Coffee and desire will sustain us, as will the drive to emerge as victor in the 2014 Orvis Turkey Pool. The Pool is a longstanding institution at Orvis, and one that is not taken lightly. The winning bird, based on a compiled score—which takes into account weight, beard length, and spur length, using the NWTF scoring calculator—speaks volumes about the prowess of the victor. Bragging rights are his or hers for the remainder of the year, and many reputations have been made, or destroyed, on the basis of a few ounces of white meat.

To add to the prestige of that victory, we’ve decided to get you involved this year. For the first time ever, you can vote for your favorite prospect in the Orvis Turkey Pool. Survey the athletes here—read the bios and analyze the stats. As you can see, we have some serious talent in the woods this year, as well as a deep enough amateur pool to allow for some serious beginner’s luck. The local turkey population is in for a challenging month.

Steve Hemkens is from Missouri, which some folks see as an advantage.

So here’s how this will work: vote for your favorite hunter using the widget below. Those who have voted for the eventual winner will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing to win a pile of gear from the Orvis Turkey Hunting lineup:

Those who didn’t vote for the winner will be thrown into a drawing for two consolation prizes:

Second Prize: The Jackpot Slate Call and Double Box Cutter Call

Third Prize: An Elimitick Facemask

Bruce Woodruff is always a contender.

We will feature a photo of the winning voter, as well as the winning hunter, on the Orvis Hunting Blog. Follow this blog for up-to-the-minute news, photos, and musings on how hunters are doing in the woods and how they feel about their chances. Starting on May 1, the leader board will be updated daily.

The month of May will be heating up soon here in southern Vermont; we’re excited to bring you in on the action!

Click here for photos and bios of the competitors and then use the widget below to cast your vote!

Voting ends at midnight on May 15, and we’ll announce the winner on June 

How to Enter: To cast your vote, you must first log in, either with Facebook or your email, in the widget below.

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26 thoughts on “Pick Your Favorite in the 2014 Orvis Turkey Pool for a Chance to Win Serious Hunting Gear!”

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  2. How could I possibly vote for someone else? :o) There’s some good competition, but good luck Scott!

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