Podcast: A Path into Upland Hunting, with Orvis Product Developer Jesse Haller

Reid joins Jesse Haller, Orvis Hunting product developer and budding bird hunter, in a discussion about Jesse’s path into the uplands. Though hunting was largely available throughout his life, Jesse discusses how in recent years he’s become fascinated with bird hunting. The duo explores common barriers to entry, and Jesse digs in with some questions that were pertinent to his early days in the field.

One thought on “Podcast: A Path into Upland Hunting, with Orvis Product Developer Jesse Haller”

  1. Listening to your conversation / podcast with Mr Halley. Very good conversation. And, a good confirmation of what new hunters need to learn about upland hunting. My hunting buddy and I are growing a group of younger hunters. We chase upland birds and waterfowl, here on coastal northern CA. Our goal is to have a robust community of competent and ethical hunters…that can put up with us as we age. I was lucky to have grown up as an out-my-back door hunter. In encouraging new hunters, we commonly tell them that upland hunting is like fly fishing with a gun. Always gives them a good visual. Your conversation is one that I will point out specifically. Thanks for providing good & approachable information. Keep at it!

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