Podcast: Birds, Dogs, and More, with Michael Pepi of Jonas Brothers Taxidermy

In his latest podcast, Reid spends some time with Michael Pepi of Jonas Brothers Studio in New York. With more than a century’s worth of experience, Jonas Brothers has been the taxidermist of choice for such noted hunters as Ernest Hemingway. Since the early 1980’s, the company has been owned by the Pepi family, and Michael carries on the tradition. He is an avid waterfowler and upland hunter, as well as a dog handler and guide.

Reid and Michael discuss birds, dogs, and how to care for game you hope to have mounted.

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Michael Pepi shares a moment with the dogs during an upland hunt.
Photo via Facebook

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Birds, Dogs, and More, with Michael Pepi of Jonas Brothers Taxidermy”

  1. Like LL Bean, it appears that Orvis does not sell or distribute handguns or rifles except shotguns. (Which I consider to be a great policy). They also require a buyer to be 21 years old or better. Do you have that same policy and if not, why not. Does Orvis have a subsidiary under a different name that sells Military style, high velocity rounds and/or clips larger than 10 rounds? South Florida and Maine owners want to know. We haven’t had a mass shooting in Maine yet, unlike South Florida, and would prefer to keep that still unthinkable as it is now. LL Bean has never, ever, sold handguns or long guns over 20 gauge with 5 shot internal magazines. You also must be 21 years of age to purchase and have a background check. A lot of big concerns sell what should be military or police weapons under a different name, as they know there are millions of bird hunters like me that see no need for them except greed. Waiting for an honest reply before I purchase anything from you. Thanks

    1. Hi Paul, Thanks for your note. To answer your questions in order:

      1. Orvis does not sell guns to anyone under 21 years of age, the exception being that those between the ages of 18-21 who have completed a certified Hunter Education and Safety course may purchase a shotgun.
      2. We have no subsidiaries of any kind.
      3. We sell only fine sporting arms.

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