Podcast: Conditioning Your Dog, with Jeremy Criscoe

In this episode of the podcast, Reid speaks with Jeremy Criscoe of Blue Cypress Kennels, an Orvis Endorsed Labrador breeder. Jeremy describes the kennel operation, the focus on British Labradors, and the conditioning necessary to produce top field dogs that are in peak hunting performance each fall.

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Photo by Days Afield Photography

One thought on “Podcast: Conditioning Your Dog, with Jeremy Criscoe”

  1. More misleading and fictional claims from Blue Cypress
    Listening to a confirmed advocate of the Ecollar talk about British style training is laughable(as is his knowledge on the subject). If he wants to talk about British trials and shoots it may be beneficial to have at least a basic understanding of the subject ( which clearly he doesn’t)
    As for the claims around ‘Gus’ – they’re somewhat exaggerated and misleading. Mr Criscoe can’t comment on the training of this dog as he never trained it, in fact he wasn’t there at that time. As for the claims on the temperament and character of this dog – also misleading. The dog was eliminated from numerous trials for ignoring its handler and continually scent marking it also ran amok whilst competing in a working test at the Scottish Game Fair.

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