Podcast: Durrell Smith of Minority Outdoor Alliance

In this episode, Reid again sits down with Durrell Smith of The Gundog Notebook to discuss the complex role that race has played in the bird-hunting culture of the American Southeast. Recognizing the sensitivity of the subject matter and a history that has indeed included racial stratification, Reid and Durrell lean into some tough questions. The duo take an honest look at the roles relegated to African-American men on southern quail plantations, the value of that heritage, and how to learn from and celebrate aspects of that heritage while acknowledging what aspects are ripe for change. They also discuss the fruitful common ground that a love of hunting and dogs cultivates.

One thought on “Podcast: Durrell Smith of Minority Outdoor Alliance”

  1. Kudos to Orvis for putting African Americans on their cover. I’m a 70 year old African American and this is a first. Never been so proud. I have been trying to get into deer hunting, but all of my White hunting co worker had excuses why I couldn’t join them in a hunt. I would love more information on Minority Outdoor Alliance where I could get in touch with experienced minority hunters that would be willing to teach me, even in my advanced years. I live in Vienna, Virginia though born on the South Side of Chicago.

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