Podcast: Go West, Young Man

In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid describes his recent hunting experiences and takes a moment to reflect on the season that has passed. He also provides some new ways to connect with the podcast, namely by sending questions or comments via audio file (just record a voice memo on a smartphone) to huntingpodcast@orvis.com. The plan is to share listener questions on the air in future installments.

Reid goes on to read one of his stories, “Go West, Young Man…” which was first published in Shooting Sportsman Magazine in January/February 2013. The story harkens back to a time when Reid was considering a move to the mountain West, and what it might feel like to say goodbye to New England.

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One thought on “Podcast: Go West, Young Man”

  1. Hey Reid,

    Nice looking setter. I used to have a nice orange belton a few years ago.

    I was listening to an old podcast Doug Duren talking about land stewardship and his farm. Something I have not heard connected to that type of discussion is regenerative agriculture as promoted by Gabe Brown(ND), Mark Shepard (WI), Joel Salatin(VA), Greg Judy(MO), Ben Falk(VT), etc. Check it out. I believe if this type of farming takes off we might see the return of game birds that are disappearing fast. It looks like a win for everyone except big AG. I have 116 acres and I rent about 70 for corn and soybean production. During the winter it might as well be desert. Basically useless for wildlife. That is not why I bought my Grandparents farm. I am trying to combine the principles of regenerative ag to hopefully acheive the more savanna like appearance with nut trees, fruits and livestock. I know that everyone cannot do this but some can and everyone can buy their products when available.

    For me I have not hunted in a while as upland birds are basically nonexistent in North East Ohio. Even rabbits were in short supply and I haven’t resorted to traveling. Maybe I can make my own little island of habitat.

    Anyway I know that Vermont has some regenerative ag going on and Doug Duren shouldn’t be too far from Mark Shepard’s farm (also in the driftless region). Check it out if you get a chance and pass it on. I believe regenerative ag has a lot to offer wildlife, our own health and economics.

    Merry Christmas,

    David Moyer
    Andover, OH

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