Podcast: Nutritional Supplements for your Gundog, with Dr. Kurt Venator and Dr. Joe Wakshlag

In this installment of the podcast, Reid again collaborates with Purina Pro Plan to explore the topic of supplementation and nutritional support for both physical and psychological wellbeing in dogs. Reid is joined by two esteemed experts, Dr. Kurt Venator DVM, PhD, Chief Veterinary Officer at Purina; and Dr. Joe Wakshlag DVM, PhD, renowned veterinary nutritionist, founding member of the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Chief Medical Officer for Ellevet, the leading CBD company in the pet space. The trio go deep on the ways in which particular supplements can impact performance, cognition, and joint health in dogs, and address a specific question about supplementing to alleviate stress in traveling gundogs.

Dr. Kurt Venator (left) and Dr. Joe Wakshlag

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