Podcast: Picking and Training a Dog, with Reid Bryant

Reid takes to the podcast booth to answer some dog questions recently posed by listeners. He discusses terminology, picking a breed, and how to select a methodology for training that ensures some degree of success. Somewhat off-the-cuff, and strictly informed by Reid’s own experience and opinion, this podcast serves to illuminate some basic and oft-asked questions about gun dogs.

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Reid Bryant and Collins take a break below a good piece of cover.
Photos by Phil Monahan

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Picking and Training a Dog, with Reid Bryant”

  1. Great philosophy. Dogs are like human kids. Set boundaries, goals, and the rewards will be great. Looking forward to your next podcast.

  2. Trainers – if your gut says this is not your style, you don’t like the treatment or methodology – then take your dog and walk away.

    Tis true about breeding – show vs field quality dog but once in a while there will be that show dog who ends up with all the marbles.

    There is testing that can be done to evaluate a puppy’s qualities. There are puppy enrichment techniques that can bring a litter along beautifully, well balanced and enriches the working and sociability characteristics. Read up on this, seek out breeders who take time to enrich their puppies.

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