Podcast: Reid Interviews Jason Dowd, a.k.a “Upland Lowlife”

Reid spends a bit of time with Jason Dowd, the Instagram sensation better known as Upland Lowlife. From his home near Flint Michigan, Jay describes a childhood wherein he aspired to be a grouse hunter, and how that identity has impacted his work and life in the arts. With a reverence for the tradition of the northwoods grouse hunter of yesteryear, Jason has used social media to make contemporary grouse hunting both accessible and aspirational.

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Photo via Instagram by Upland Lowlife

One thought on “Podcast: Reid Interviews Jason Dowd, a.k.a “Upland Lowlife””

  1. Loved the podcast! Think it was great and innovative that Orvis did this interview using Instagram as a means to foucs on icons in the upland hunting social media world. Hope Orvis continues this by showcasing others that have impacted upland hunting through social media (FB and IG) and promoting hunting, conservation, education, etc…I applaud you.

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