Podcast: Reid’s Top 5 List of Essential Gear

In this episode, we get gear-centric, and discuss the essential products for the Upland Hunter. I also define the Orvis assortment of the Five Essential Upland Products and dig in deeper on the gear requirements of different cover types and regions. I may even offer a few teasers about new hunting gear to look forward to in the coming months.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: Reid’s Top 5 List of Essential Gear”

  1. Just listened to your podcast and enjoyed it – as always good stuff. I do have one beef – which pretty much prevents me from buying any Orvis upland gear. It is great quality stuff – but why on earth do you not offer a full blaze orange coat and vest? Why just slap the minimum blaze on the product? If someone else is out hunting for a fashion shoot, that is fine – but I’m out to hunt birds and not get beaned. Knowing where your partners are at all times is a safety issue and full blaze is the only way to go. Please make safety at least an option. Thanks, and sorry to be a crank.

  2. Reid,

    Great podcast. I really like your work, especially your essays in Mouthful of Feathers. I’ve been in that very guide-shack you wrote wrote about in “Weather”, and you captured the dynamic between clients and guides perfectly.

    One improvement suggestion on the podcast. This may be mostly my issue because I listen directly on a device speaker without Bluetooth, but it would be great if the audio quality were better. To my ear your voice often trails off toward the end of a sentence, and I have a tough time hearing everything you are saying. One guy’s opinion.

    Thanks to you and Orvis for bringing the hunting podcast back.

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