Podcast: Save the Fine Guns

In this installment of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Reid spans two continents to talk guns with Tobi Nisse of Germany and Dr. George Inge of Mobile, Alabama. Tobi and George are the principals behind T&G Imports and Save the Fine Guns, which represents an effort to import guns from Germany that would otherwise be destroyed. Tobi and George–both of whom are passionate about the artistry and engineering represented by older continental guns (largely drillings)–noticed some time ago that changing tastes in hunting guns, as well as stringent legislation around gun ownership in Europe, was bringing an excess of fine old guns to the market. These guns, were they not licensed to an individual or dealer, were destined for the scrap pile. The duo discusses the unique business model that has enabled them to save these guns and transfer them into the hands of hunters and shooters in North America. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Save the Fine Guns”

  1. Great information and a great deals on superior quality European guns.
    I have purchased several guns from this group and have been extremely
    pleased with their quality and workmanship. Working with Tobi and George
    has been outstanding. All guns have been tested and proofed prior to receipt.
    My hunting friends have jumped on the app and have not been disappointed.
    This community of hunters is knowledgeable and the discourse within the chat
    function not only has helpful information and great hunting stories and pictures
    that all can share. S.A.

  2. Dear Sirs,
    Please, help me to finalize the purchase of the Merkel rifle (Merkel Helix Speedster + Limited edition Zeiss Diavari-ZM 1,5-6×42 ).
    I am not sure how to pay the initial prepayment…..
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