Podcast: Sporting Dog Nutrition, with Karl Gunzer

On today’s podcast, Reid interviews Karl Gunzer, Sr. Manager – Sporting Dog Group at Nestle/Purina. After a successful career as a retriever trialer and trainer, Gunzer took a job with Purina to promote relations within the sporting dog space. He and Reid discuss his personal story, canine nutrition, and the role Purina plays with owners, trainers, handlers, and sporting dogs.

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Photo courtesy Karl Gunzer

4 thoughts on “Podcast: Sporting Dog Nutrition, with Karl Gunzer”

  1. You guys posted the wrong podcast here. You (accidentally) reposted the Shaun Wayment episode, not the new Karl Gunzer episode.

  2. Am I the only person out there still unable to listen to this episode? Is something wrong with my computer!? I’d love to hear Reid rap with Karl but I’m still just finding the Shaun Wayement episode reposted in its place….

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