Podcast: The Purina Pro Plan Series, Episode 1—a History

This episode of the Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast is the first in an ongoing series of shows delivered in collaboration with Purina Pro Plan. Pro Plan is an institution in the sporting dog world, and Purina’s network of veterinarians, researchers, behaviorists, trainers, and handlers is without parallel in that space. In this series, Reid will welcome a range of these professionals to discuss topics such as nutrition for sporting dogs, myths and misconceptions regarding dog food, emergency veterinary medicine for field application, sports injuries, and more.

Keith Schopp (left) and Karl Gunzer talk gun dogs and more.

In this inaugural episode, Reid is joined by Keith Schopp, retired VP of Corporate Public Relations for Purina, and Karl Gunzer, former pro trainer and Purina’s Director of the Sporting Dog Group. The trio pulls back the curtain a bit, discussing the Purina origin story, how Pro Plan evolved to focus on sporting dogs specifically, and the standards to which the brand holds itself accountable. The first in the series, this conversation should provide a backdrop for what is to come. Learn more at the Purina Pro Plan website.

One thought on “Podcast: The Purina Pro Plan Series, Episode 1—a History”

  1. Hello Reid,

    Just listened to this episode, I really enjoyed it. I feed pro-plan to my dogs, I currently have a 12 week old springer who is eating the Pro Plan Puppy chicken and rice. Since there are several versions of the Pro Plan sport, could you talk about the different versions, and the benefits to each one. I am a weekend warrior hunter, and was looking at the Pro Plan Sport Turkey and Barley 27/17 for my dog when he transitions to adult food. By the looks of it, it appears to be a great food for a dog who primarily hunts weekends. Just wanted to hear the Purina experts point view on this Pro Plan blend. No one really talks about the benefits to the 27/17 Sport.

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