Podcast: The Pursuit of Prairie Grouse–Habits and Habitat

In response to a question about prairie-grouse habitat from listener Eric Hall of Thurmond, North Carolina, Reid reaches out to Steve “Grouseman” Grossman, owner of Double Gun Bird Hunts, Little Moran Grouse Camp, and Wild Prairie Lodge. Steve has spent a career as a wild-bird guide and dog handler, and he has a particular affinity for the native birds of the upper Midwest. His work guiding and hunting the prairies of central South Dakota inform a comprehensive working knowledge of sharptail habits and habitat, and some insights into those of the greater prairie chicken. Steve shares his story, some thoughts on finding birds, and illuminates a bit of the magic to be found on the prairie.

Don’t miss the short film “Grouseman,” which features Steve.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

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